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From Christopher <>
Subject Recent ticket updates
Date Fri, 21 Feb 2014 02:02:08 GMT
Short version:

Sorry for JIRA spam and the updates I made to some JIRA issues today
had no impact on the recent CHANGES discussion. It was just routine
issue cleanup.

Longer version:

I apologize for the spam from JIRA today. I went through and tried to
improve JIRAs closed as "Duplicate". I generally made two

1. Drop the fixVersion (the duplicate wasn't fixed, the one it
duplicated was, after all).
2. Add missing link to the duplicated issue.

The reason for #2 should be obvious: it adds information to both the
duplicate and the duplicated issue, so we can see the relationship
from either. The reason for #1 was simply so that non-worked on
tickets didn't show up in query results for particular version,
especially as they are less likely to have correct metadata than the
ticket that was duplicated (Example: 1525 had a fixVersion of 1.5.1
and was marked as a duplicate for 1347, which had a fixVersion of
1.6.0; the issue was only fixed in 1.6.0, so the fixVersion on the
duplicate was misleading).

In case anybody is curious, this has no effect on the recent CHANGES
file discussions, since duplicates were already excluded, but it does
have benefit to JQL searches in JIRA.

I would recommend people who mark tickets as duplicates please link to
the duplicate ticket and drop the fixVersion from the duplicate... as
that will be decided by the original duplicated ticket.

What I didn't do:

I also noticed that many tickets had links reversed. Example: A was
marked as "is duplicated by" B, but A was closed as "Duplicate".
Grammatically, it makes more sense if A is marked as "A duplicates B",
but I was not that pedantic today. Nor was I concerned that many
issues were marked as a duplicate of a later issue, when the later
issue should have been marked as the duplicate, though I think that it
would be a better practice for people to link in that direction, as it
better acknowledges the "first occurrence of" date (especially for

Christopher L Tubbs II

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