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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] CHANGES Documents
Date Fri, 21 Feb 2014 20:22:20 GMT
On 2/20/14, 2:33 PM, Christopher wrote:
> I think for 1.5.1, it is sufficient to include a section of 1.5.1
> changes, followed by 1.5.0 changes. I think tasks, tests, and
> sub-tasks should be excluded from this list entirely. In the future,
> we can devote more time to ensuring summaries are more useful, but I
> wouldn't concern ourselves with that today, for 1.5.1. One thing I do
> want to do for 1.5.1 (and will do immediately after composing this),
> is update those issues I mentioned which are currently labeled as "New
> Feature", which should be labeled "Improvement".

Talked to Christopher on IRC to ask if he'd be ok with leaving in all 
issue types (or only excluding sub-tasks) for 1.5.1 and revisiting at a 
later point:

"Sure. I would also accept not removing anything, at this point. While I 
prefer not having any of those three things in there, I will not oppose 
any RC on that basis."

Given that, I believe we're in agreement to put 1.5.1 changes and then 
1.5.0 changes in the CHANGES file. I'll be fixing that, while updating 
for the new minor fixes that came out of RC2 and try to prep an RC3.

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