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From Christopher <>
Subject Table Namespaces Status (ACCUMULO-802)
Date Fri, 08 Nov 2013 20:26:49 GMT

I didn't get a lot of timely feedback earlier this week, and even for
the feedback I did receive, I've been moderately incapacitated with a
cold this week, but it seems like I'm now getting some good feedback
on ReviewBoard for this patch.

If we want it in 1.6.0 (and I think we do), I will need additional
time to address the issues raised so far. I'm committed to making Sean
Hickey's work on 802 happen for 1.6.0, and I can merge it in next
week, unless there are objections. (It is doubtful that I can address
all the issues raised on ReviewBoard today.)

Christopher L Tubbs II

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