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From John Vines <>
Subject 1.6.0 Feature Freeze
Date Thu, 31 Oct 2013 17:02:49 GMT
I've been going through the tickets (and hopefully not stepping on too many
toes) for scoping things into 1.6 as we approach the deadline. However,
looking through the tickets, there seem to be 4 major tasks that have SOME
amount of work ahead of them to work in a release. To me, these are: - Multiple HDFS spanning - SSL - Isolated Root table
(this may be in conjunction with, I am uncertain of the
plan of action of 1481) - Compare and set

These are all tickets that have some standing work and I think these, plus
RFile encryption, are the core features for 1.6. I apologize if I
overlooked any other features in 1.6 in that statement. That said, this is
a LOT of work for people to have pushed in 36 hours. And pulling these
features out will A. be a giant PITA and B. Leave us with a very lackluster

So, I am proposing maintaining the feature freeze of Friday at midnight
that we maintained before, EXCEPT for any thing regarding these 4-5
features I've enumerated. I think an additional week should be sufficient
for these features to be in a release worthy state. This also means that
after the general feature freeze date, all non-critical bugs and additional
features will be bumped to 1.6.1/1.7.0). Because it is a one week timespan,
I think we can hold off on creating the branch for 1.6.0-SNAPSHOT, but if
anyone disagrees a second vote can be put in order by someone who feels
that way.

Please vote on providing a delayed feature freeze for ACCUMULO-118,
ACCUMULO-1009, ACCUMULO-1481, ACCUMULO-802, and ACCUMULO-1000 for Nov 8
23:59 PDT for the master branch. Shortly after this time we will branch
1.6.0-SNAPSHOT from master and increment the version in master in lieu of
the original Nov 1 23:59 PDT deadline. For all other features, the original Nov
1 23:59 PDT applies. "Feature Freeze" means only bug fixes and
documentation updates happen after the date, which implies major code additions
and changes are already in place with appropriate tests.

If a commiter thinks a new feature in 1.6.0-SNAPSHOT is not ready for release,
they should bring it up on the dev list.  If agreement can not be reached
on the dev list with 72 hours, then the commiter can call for a vote on
reverting the feature from 1.6.0-SNAPSHOT.  The vote must pass with majority
approval[1].  If the vote passes, any commiter can revert the feature from

This vote will remain open for 72 hours and must have consensus approval[2]
to pass. Because of the conflicting time frames with the feature freeze in
~36 hours, the post feature freeze actions of the shall be delayed until
the end of this vote in the event this vote does not pass. This will not
change the rules of that feature freeze.


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