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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: 1.6.0 Feature Freeze
Date Thu, 31 Oct 2013 17:43:39 GMT
I'm fine with the idea of what you're proposing. I'll hold off on an 
actual vote until the details are resolved (Christopher's and Sean's 

On 10/31/13, 1:02 PM, John Vines wrote:
> I've been going through the tickets (and hopefully not stepping on too many
> toes) for scoping things into 1.6 as we approach the deadline. However,
> looking through the tickets, there seem to be 4 major tasks that have SOME
> amount of work ahead of them to work in a release. To me, these are:
> - Multiple HDFS spanning
> - SSL
> - Isolated Root table
> (this may be in conjunction with
>, I am uncertain of the
> plan of action of 1481)
> - Compare and set
> Mutations
> These are all tickets that have some standing work and I think these, plus
> RFile encryption, are the core features for 1.6. I apologize if I
> overlooked any other features in 1.6 in that statement. That said, this is
> a LOT of work for people to have pushed in 36 hours. And pulling these
> features out will A. be a giant PITA and B. Leave us with a very lackluster
> release.
> So, I am proposing maintaining the feature freeze of Friday at midnight
> that we maintained before, EXCEPT for any thing regarding these 4-5
> features I've enumerated. I think an additional week should be sufficient
> for these features to be in a release worthy state. This also means that
> after the general feature freeze date, all non-critical bugs and additional
> features will be bumped to 1.6.1/1.7.0). Because it is a one week timespan,
> I think we can hold off on creating the branch for 1.6.0-SNAPSHOT, but if
> anyone disagrees a second vote can be put in order by someone who feels
> that way.
> Please vote on providing a delayed feature freeze for ACCUMULO-118,
> ACCUMULO-1009, ACCUMULO-1481, ACCUMULO-802, and ACCUMULO-1000 for Nov 8
> 23:59 PDT for the master branch. Shortly after this time we will branch
> 1.6.0-SNAPSHOT from master and increment the version in master in lieu of
> the original Nov 1 23:59 PDT deadline. For all other features, the original Nov
> 1 23:59 PDT applies. "Feature Freeze" means only bug fixes and
> documentation updates happen after the date, which implies major code additions
> and changes are already in place with appropriate tests.
> If a commiter thinks a new feature in 1.6.0-SNAPSHOT is not ready for release,
> they should bring it up on the dev list.  If agreement can not be reached
> on the dev list with 72 hours, then the commiter can call for a vote on
> reverting the feature from 1.6.0-SNAPSHOT.  The vote must pass with majority
> approval[1].  If the vote passes, any commiter can revert the feature from
> 1.6.0-SNAPSHOT.
> This vote will remain open for 72 hours and must have consensus approval[2]
> to pass. Because of the conflicting time frames with the feature freeze in
> ~36 hours, the post feature freeze actions of the shall be delayed until
> the end of this vote in the event this vote does not pass. This will not
> change the rules of that feature freeze.
> [1]:
> [2]:

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