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From Josh Elser <>
Subject RAccumulo's Home (was Code import for Apache Accumulo)
Date Wed, 30 Oct 2013 21:48:06 GMT
On 10/29/13, 4:20 PM, Eric Whyne wrote:
> Some thoughts to re-ignite this thread:
> The raccumulo project has some of it's code written in the language R, but
> does not borrow any code from the R codebase and as such is not a
> derivative work.
> Unless anybody can think of a way in which R's own licensing could become a
> concern, potential license conflicts might be a dead issue?

Looking around at this some more, I can't find any similar case on 
LEGAL. Given that there is only a GPL implementation of R (take openjdk, 
sun/oracle jdk, IBM's java, etc as an example for Java projects), I 
wasn't sure if this would present any sort of issue because raccumulo 
would be more or less useless if someone did not want to use GPL software.

<not-a-lawyer>Nothing is jumping out at me from a licensing standpoint 
that would create concern to this code being hosted on ASF resources. 

> The primary developer Phil Grim has signed an ICLA that I'm going to send
> off tomorrow pending our company's contracts department's approval. Same
> with company level CCLA, complete and pending final review. Phil, Aaron,
> and Myself as listed as representatives on it.
> Insofar as observations about lack of committership:
> Phil has been willing to share his code for a while and wants to keep
> contributing.
> discussion about this topic here:
> The other developer, Aaron is listed as a previous contributor to accumulo:
> More about what's going on at the company:
> More about DARPA XData (one of the programs of interest):
> The customer project includes a charter to contribute to open source:
> "XDATA plans to release open-source software toolkits to enable
> collaboration among the applied mathematics, computer science and data
> visualization communities."
> As a company we'd be happy to just keep hosting the code on our Github
> page, but I think we'd rather see it be included closer to the accumulo
> project as mentioned previously. Given the momentum of R, the interest of
> DARPA and others, I think the benefits outweigh he risks. There's an
> extremely small chance of an orphaned project and even then as a 200+
> person company there's somebody you can blame if it does become a problem.
> We have a twitter account and github page people can go to with help
> requests or fixes.

(treating "you" as all of those who might be involved in raccumulo whom 
you mentioned, Eric)

Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing raccumulo as a sub-project of 
Accumulo. If those who are going to maintain it want to step up and do 
things "The Apache Way", I would be happy to help you all along the path 
so that you can grow to maintain it yourself. This would give us a 
fairly low-risk, middle ground which we could try to grow a community 
outside of your company that is involved with raccumulo.

The other Apache alternative would be for raccumulo to enter incubation 
itself. I'm not sure if the current state of the project would merit the 
effort of those involved at the moment. Regardless, this is also an option.

And, as always, there is the Github (or other external hosting) option. 
I'm sure we'd also be happy to make sure there's mention on accumulo.a.o 
to point people to any other location.

Thoughts everyone else?

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