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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: Discussion on JIRA
Date Tue, 29 Oct 2013 16:50:52 GMT
I think it heavily depends on the quality and focus of the discussion.

Like you said, if the conversation is focused, it's nice to have the 
complete conversation present on that ticket.

However, very often, we all get sidetracked and start talking about 8 
other things instead of what the ticket is actually about.

Perhaps a good middle ground would be to move discussion to the mailing 
list when it gets off topic, and when the discussion comes to some 
consensus post back to the ticket with the link from mail-archives and a 
general synopsis with what was agreed upon?

On 10/29/13, 12:32 PM, Keith Turner wrote:
> I saw someone posted the following link on HBASE ticket and I thought it
> was interesting.  I have participated and instigated long discussions on
> tickets that do not quickly converge.  It may be better if we moved these
> to the mailing list as the link suggest.
> It would be nice to go to a ticket related a new 1.6.0 feature a year from
> now, read it, and get a clear understanding of what transpired (rather than
> be totally confused :).
> Keith

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