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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: accumulo pull request: raccumulo Packaged: 2013-05-09 22:18:20 UTC; pgrim
Date Mon, 28 Oct 2013 15:07:55 GMT
On 10/27/13, 6:14 PM, Eric Whyne wrote:
> 3b. After some discussion on our end, it's inclusion in the contrib where
> the pull request places it is optimal for it's current state. It will make
> an R interface to accumulo part of the core distribution. This could
> potentially increase adoption of accumulo across more of the data science
> community, I know it would intrigue us from a corporate standpoint...
> that's why it was written.

When we say 'contrib', we don't actually mean the 'contrib' directory in 
the core of Accumulo. Look at the first four repos on [1] (bsp, pig, 
instamo-archetype and the wikisearch). When we say "contrib repository", 
a brand new repository here is where we would see raccumulo fitting in.

Despite this code being strongly tied to Accumulo, Accumulo is not 
strongly tied to it. That said, I'm still open to help you get raccumulo 
included underneath the Accumulo "umbrella" which will give anyone 
providing back a way to build up merit and recognition among the 
community (so we can get to a point where all interested parties can 
manage it themselves).

I'll go ahead and contact general@incubator to see about any potential 
licensing issues due to R's GPL-ness and see what other guidance they 
might have about importing the code.

- Josh


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