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From Christopher <>
Subject Git is writable now and other FYI's
Date Wed, 17 Jul 2013 02:57:38 GMT
So, git is writable now.

If you have a newer (>1.8.0) version of git on a Gnome-based
distribution of Linux, you may want to consider using gnome-keyring
for your credential helper (don't forget your username in the
upstream/clone url for this to work; this is different from versions
1.7.x where you must omit your username in the url to utilize the
~/.netrc file with curl). This will help you avoid typing in your
password for every push without saving it in a plaintext file:
git config --global credential.helper gnome-keyring

I went ahead and deleted the remote branches that had already been
merged to trunk in subversion before switching, and whose changes
already appear in master. I'm not sure if we want to do the same for
release-candidate tags (I did delete an old test tag I had made, so it
is possible).

I also updated merged some changes I made for ACCUMULO-1030 into
master, and it looks like the git commit notifications work fine.

About the git commit notifications.... they seem to provide a separate
notification for each commit, and all at once when you push. I'm not
sure if we can tweak this, but as is, it seems to encourage squashing
commits before pushing to the asf git repo. What's nice, though, is
you also get notifications for things other than commits, like branch

Christopher L Tubbs II

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