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From Christopher <>
Subject Docs with monitor
Date Tue, 04 Jun 2013 18:05:10 GMT
Documentation is spread out everywhere, and it's a bit difficult to
keep it consistent and up-to-date.

I think we should focus on keeping per-version documentation
up-to-date on the Accumulo website and in the user manual/book instead
of relying on the maintenance of random READMEs, docs/*.html on the
monitor, etc.

I opened one issue (ACCUMULO-1487) related to this, but I'm looking at
the links in docs/*.html and it seems they are written with the
assumption that they are being served from the monitor. I'm not sure
how useful these are. Perhaps it'd be better if these were simply
removed from the monitor, and replaced with a link to the website
documentation (link configurable)?

That said, it would probably benefit us to have documentation links such as: -> points to latest 1.5.x -> points to latest overall
version (menu includes links to older versions) -> redirects to docs/latest

So, this email is about two things, really:

1) Improve the website with consolidated per-version documentation.
2) Get rid of documentation packaged with the monitor.

This doesn't address the consolidation of the various READMEs, but
those should be addressed at some point also.

I also opened ACCUMULO-1490, ACCUMULO-1491 to deal with this. And, as
part of improvements for ACCUMULO-935, I already made a separate
"docs" module that could probably benefit from some further polishing.


Christopher L Tubbs II

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