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From Christopher <>
Subject svn:ignore .gitignore and ACCUMULO-935
Date Mon, 03 Jun 2013 20:04:53 GMT
I made some changes for ACCUMULO-935 that may be unexpected, so here's
some information that may help:

Use 'mvn -DDEV_ACCUMULO_HOME package' to output built artifacts to an
external directory, so the workspace does not get dirtied with
unversioned files outside of the target directories, that need to be
constantly excluded with svn:ignore, .gitignore, rat-maven-plugin, and

In this external directory, you should be able to run bin/accumulo,
store your conf/* files, etc. Just as before, when you could set
general.classpaths to include target/classes in each module, you can
still do that, pointing to your svn/git checkout target/classes areas.

Put the following in settings.xml to always copy jars/output to a
runnable ACCUMULO_HOME area, so you don't need to put it on the
command line every time:


You may notice that files that were previously ignored in the SCM are
now recognized as unversioned. You can simply move these to your
desired DEV_ACCUMULO_HOME location. I would hope that you do not
simply ignore these changes and re-add all these unversioned files
back to svn:ignore/.gitignore, and respect the goal of trying to
minimize maintenance of all the exceptions in the build/packaging that
these unversioned files dirtying the workspace create.

Right now, the way this directory gets created/used, is pretty clunky,
but it sets things up, so I can work towards doing it more cleanly
with the maven-assembly-plugin. There shouldn't be any further
noticeable changes in terms of the method for activating this external
DEV_ACCUMULO_HOME directory. If there's something I missed (I'm aware
currently of the randomwalk configuration files, and the in the system tests) that show up in the source
tree as unversioned files, please let me know, and I'll work to get
them modified so they work in a way that doesn't dirty the workspace
and continue to cause difficulty for packaging.

Christopher L Tubbs II

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