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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: GIT
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2013 16:23:13 GMT

On 6/5/13 10:51 AM, Keith Turner wrote:
>>> >>Can you give more detail about "history is easily mucked up"?  I am
>>> >>curious
>>> >>what constitutes a mucked up history and what sequence of steps lead
>>> >>this?
>>> >>
>>> >>**10/20/Why_cherry-picking_**
>> >should_not_be_part_of_a_**normal_git_workflow.html<>
> Thanks for the link, I do not think I could have easily found this via
> google because I would not have know what to search for.  I have little
> experience w/ git outside of small projects on github w/ one branch.  Info
> like this helps me make informed decisions.   Cherry picking vs merging
> seems to be at the heart of what you are talking about, are there any other
> key concepts?
Cherry-pick and merging is definitely important. There are likely 
others, but none immediately come to mind.

> Would probably be good to add this link, plus the other useful links posed
> in this thread, to the document you are working on.  I can make that change
> if you put it somewhere.
Yep, that's currently the plan. I'll throw it up in SVN tonight. (how meta)

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