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From Christopher <>
Subject [DISCUSS] The State of Old Versions
Date Sat, 25 May 2013 17:56:52 GMT
I did a quick check through the JIRA to see if there were any
outstanding issues on old versions. It seems we've done a pretty good
job of keeping things up-to-date.

I especially wanted to see if there would be any reason to maintain
unreleased working branches for these older versions if we were to
switch to git.

Here's the summary pages of the latest unreleased versions of each line:


I took the liberty of putting tentative release dates in JIRA for the
unreleased versions, except 1.3.7.

I think we should shut down 1.3.7 as end-of-life, either by releasing
a quick source-only tag with the additional two fixes since 1.3.6 or
throw them away and leave 1.3.6 as the final 1.3 tag. Either way, I
think we should remove its working branch in svn, and drop continuous
development support for it. Notice, there are only two minor fixes in
1.3.7 from 1.3.6.

I think we should release 1.4.4 sometime within the next month, so we
can focus on supporting 1.5 as the main stable line, and new features
in 1.6.

I anticipated a 1.5.1 release in about 2 months.

I think we should anticipate a 1.6 release 6 months from the last
release, if not sooner. This would mean a feature freeze in about 4

Christopher L Tubbs II

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