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From Rob Tallis <>
Subject Getting started with Accumulo-1070 (improve audit messages)
Date Wed, 01 May 2013 08:30:20 GMT

I'm new to accumulo, new to open source projects. I want to pick up
Accumulo-1070 (Improve Audit Messages) from where Phil Young left off. I've
a bunch of questions about how I go about this.

   - Why is there an svn and a github repository? Which should I be using?
   - What's the workflow for me submitting a change? Do I upload a patch
   file to the ticket? We then go back and forward on the ticket until you're
   happy with the patch?

On the specific task, here's what I'd like to do:

   - In  - Phil and Keith found that without
   a getInstance() implementation here, the bulk of that class is never used
   and the audit messages already in there haven't seen the light of day. Once
   fixed, I want to rewrite the messages so they are less "prose" and more
   - Get rid of the custom and use a separate Audit Logger.
   - Stick the Logger and Appender config in a new log4j xml config file.
   Sites can configure easily where they want the messages to go. I want to
   stick all the audit messages in a separate file (or files).
   - (maybe) implement config to enable/disable auditing based on user.

In the ticket comments Keith said:

   - "Will be logging binary data,this will be lossy. For example it will
   log the columns a user fetches. Could consider encoding base64 non-ascii
   characters, but I am not sure about this."

I don't understand this, column names can be binary? Where does that happen?

Also, do you have an indication when 1.5 will get released? I need to do a
local patch for the "current" version to keep my org happy, if 1.5 is
imminent I won't need to bother with 1.4 (this is just for my use).


Rob Tallis

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