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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: Is C++ code still part of 1.5 release?
Date Mon, 13 May 2013 14:40:49 GMT
On 5/12/13 11:45 PM, Christopher wrote:
> 1) we don't need to include java bindings for the proxy; compiled
> versions are already in the proxy jar,
> 2) not all packagers will even have installed thrift with the ability
> to produce ruby and python bindings,
> 3) these may or may not be helpful to any particular end user (though
> it's probably safe to assume ruby and python will be the most common),
> 4) we're not including the proxy.thrift file, which is perhaps the
> most important file for the proxy, and including it should be
> sufficient.
1)That works. I should've caught that when I was in the proxy last and I 
didn't.Thanks for that.
2) Do you mean packagers as in people who might make an official 
release? I would think these are the only people that "really" matter, 
and thus I would expect them to be able to build a full distributionthat 
include these bindings. It might be nice to be able to create a 
packaging for each language (gem, egg, etc); but until we have some sort 
of packaging, I'd really like to see theruby and pythonsources included 
even in the binary dist.
3)True, but I'd rather set the bar as low as possible for people who 
just want to play around in a scripting language with Accumulo.
4) Definitely want to make sure it's included.

Does anyone have an opinion on other languages that thrift supports that 
we should also create bindings for? I concur with your opinion on Ruby 
and Python, but I wonder if there's something else that people would 
also like.

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