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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: Drop version part of jar filenames in $ACCUMULO_HOME/lib
Date Mon, 06 May 2013 21:59:57 GMT
Also, it make things more difficult to determine version-mismatch across 
a system if someone is not using the RPMs/DEBs. Perhaps pidgeon-hole'ing 
non-RHEL/Debian based (GNU/)linux's?

On 5/6/2013 5:57 PM, Josh Elser wrote:
> Personally, it's really nice to me when I'm wondering "what version of 
> Accumulo is installed?" and I can easily answer that with an `ls`.
> However, by the same argument, bundling a version file somewhere is 
> just as trivial and fits the same use-case (sans my ability to 
> remember that said file exists and where it lives).
> On 5/6/2013 5:26 PM, Christopher wrote:
>> Why do we need the version part of the filename in $ACCUMULO_HOME/lib?
>> It seems to me that it would be cleaner to unpack the tarball on top
>> of an existing $ACCUMULO_HOME/ and overwrite the jars in lib/.
>> For the RPM/DEB, the versions of the files are tracked in the RPMDB
>> (or equivalent DEB database), so they aren't needed there either.
>> It would make our scripts slightly more manageable (files have a
>> predictable name that doesn't need to be updated each version).
>> I'm curious what the argument(s) against dropping the version from the
>> jars in lib/ are.
>> The way we copy jars currently to lib/ is with the
>> maven-dependency-plugin, and that already has a built-in feature to
>> drop the version part of the filename when it copies. It seems to make
>> sense, and I see no argument against it.
>> -- 
>> Christopher L Tubbs II

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