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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: AccumuloInputFormat.setRanges
Date Thu, 03 Jan 2013 00:18:35 GMT
Yup, the AccumuloInputFormat does just that. It also has some additional 
features that make it desirable to use (tablet-server local mappers, for 

Can you describe the issues you had/how you were using it? The 
AccumuloInputFormat should be fairly straightforward to use.

On 01/02/2013 06:30 PM, Seastrom, Jessica K wrote:
> Using AccumuloInputFormat.setRanges(conf, someRange), should I expect that the Key,Values
as input to the Map method will be restricted to those keys in the set contained in someRange?
> My current implementation filters K,V pairs using the DistributedCache to hold the query
terms (if(myDistributedCacheQueryTermsHashSet.contains(key.getRow())…) but I wonder if AccumuloInputFormat.setRanges
is an alternate implementation. It didn't seem to filter as above, but perhaps I'm just not
implementing it correctly.
> Thank you,
> Jessica

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