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From Drew Farris <>
Subject Patching and JIRA?
Date Sat, 13 Oct 2012 18:24:57 GMT
Hi All,

In the past, when I've used JIRA and uploaded multiple versions of
patches to the same issue, I've simply used the same filename, and
JIRA took care of putting a strikethrough in the listings for the old
version of the patch, indicating that they were available but should
be ignored.

These days, it simply greys the old patch versions out. It makes
things a little less clear as to which patches should be applied to
obtain the fix.

There is some value in maintaining a patch history, but in many cases
old patches should be trashed to make it clear which patch should be
applied to obtain the fix.

Any patch posted should contain the entire change for a given issue,
as opposed to requiring individuals working the issue to apply
multpile patches to obtain an update.

Does this make sense, or does anyone think patches should be handled


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