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From "Patrone, Dennis S." <>
Subject RE: IteratorSetting and priorities
Date Wed, 31 Oct 2012 11:52:46 GMT
> The issue with giving multiple iterators the same priority is that the API specifies that
during the call to init(), one source is given the iterator.

I fail to see how this is an issue.  I don't really want a "tree" of iterators (I'm not sure
how you'd combine the multiple results moving back up the tree).  I still want a straight
line of iterators, I just don't want to have to worry about ordering within a "set" of them
at the same priority level.

So right now if I add I1 @ priority 1, I2 @ priority 2, and I3 @ priority 3, then basically
(as I understand it, at least) the output of I1 is fed into I2.  Then the output of I2 is
fed into I3.

What I want is the API to allow me to add I2 and I3 at priority 2.  Then the system has two
choices to process my request:

I1 -> I2 -> I3


I1 -> I3 -> I2

Based on my priority values, I don't care which processing chain is followed; either is correct.

What I'm NOT asking for is this:


Am I missing something?

Billie- I also looked at ACCUMULO-759.  I need some time later to read through it and follow
the discussion but then I will try to add something coherent.


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