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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: Release 1.4.2
Date Wed, 10 Oct 2012 12:52:40 GMT
Forgive me if there was previous discussions I don't recall...

My first thought would be to treat it the same as the wikisearch code. 
We could then bundle the appropriate version of accumulo-pig, 
wikisearch, etc for the given release of Accumulo we're making. For 
example, Accumulo-Pig-1.0 is compatible with Accumulo-1.4.2 and so forth.

It would be cool to create a community of addons/plugins/abstractions if 
we can come up with some procedures for facilitating such projects. It 
would also be much less onerous for users if we do some legwork to tie a 
version of an extra to a version of Accumulo.

On 10/10/12 8:25 AM, Billie Rinaldi wrote:
> It would be cool if we could figure out how to include the accumulo-pig
> code in this release -- or if we decide it shouldn't be included in core
> releases, to release it separately.
> Billie
> On Tue, Oct 9, 2012 at 3:56 PM, Keith Turner <> wrote:
>> I think we should consider releasing 1.4.2 to make fixes for
>> ACCUMULO-779, ACCUMULO-766, and ACCUMULO-409 available.  Thoughts?
>> Are there other fixes people would like to see in 1.4.2?  I think
>> ACCUMULO-798 would be good to get in.
>> I have been looking through the open tickets marked as fix for 1.4.2
>> trying to organize them.  I could use some help, some tickets I am not
>> sure what the status is.   Its frustrating that we can no longer see
>> svn commits in jira.  If you have a moment take a look at the open
>> 1.4.2 tickets.   If you know that a ticket is complete or should be
>> moved to 1.5, update it please.
>> Keith

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