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From Christopher Tubbs <>
Subject Re: A discussion on scripts
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2012 11:49:32 GMT
I'd like to see separate call scripts for each separate process. This
is important for packaging, especially, so we can deliver components
separately, and make it easier for users to deploy and configure the
components that they want on each node of their cluster. I also think
these should be separate from init scripts. (This doesn't mean they
cannot inherit from a master script that takes parameters, but that
should be transparent to the user.)

What I'm thinking is that I want something like (config params
optional, but with a sensible default location like those specified

/usr/bin/accumulo-tserver --config=/etc/accumulo/tserver.conf
/usr/bin/accumulo-master --config=/etc/accumulo/master.conf

and for the shell
/usr/bin/accumulo --config=~/.accumulo/config

With init scripts that call the above scripts:
/etc/init.d/accumulo-master start|stop|restart|status # calls the
appropriate commands to start, kill, etc.
/etc/init.d/accumulo-tserver start|stop|restart|status

I'm fine with the /usr/bin/accumulo* being symlinks to our install
location (/usr/lib/accumulo/bin?), but the scripts should assume
default install locations (absolute paths, not relative paths), and
take a single configuration file as an optional parameter. This config
file should specify any locations that override the defaults. This
pattern makes everything very explicit for the user, and very
convenient to configure. It also makes writing RPMs/DEBs very easy,
because we know where to put files by default where users will expect

On Tue, Sep 25, 2012 at 2:04 PM, John Vines <> wrote:
> I've been mulling ideas for script rework and one idea that I've been
> leaning toward is a master script that all calls go through. It's not that
> different from how we operate now, just things like start all, tup, etc all
> get called through a single source. This would allow a single source for
> script actions against Accumulo.
> Just to be clear, this doesn't mean all of the code will necessarily be in
> a single location. But it does mean we can remove code duplication in our
> scripts.
> The biggest con is the change in behavior. Though this may not be a bad
> thing since we do have a lot of scripts in bin already, so it may improve
> user experience as long as we make the usage info of the new script
> informative enough.
> What say ye, devs?
> Sent from my phone, so pardon the typos and brevity.

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