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From Rob Nichols <>
Subject complement in security label expression?
Date Sat, 01 Sep 2012 17:57:15 GMT
What I understand from the documentation for 1.4 is that the security label expressions support
AND, OR, and Grouping, but do not support NOT.  Is this planned for a future release?  Would
there be opposition to adding complement to the expressions?

Our use case involves a hierarchy of roles, and the ability to exclude one sub group.  For
concretness, say we have a label that is Group.  Say we also have labels Group1, Group2, etc...
 We would occationally add sub groups, like Group5, Group6 after the data is populated.  The
authorization would include both "Group" and the subgroupd ("Group1").  The label expression
for a cell might be "(Group & !Group1)".

Should we handle this some other way?  Have I misunderstood the documentation?  Should I begin
working on adding complement to the expressions?

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