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From David Medinets <>
Subject Re: Storing Public Key As Column Qualifier
Date Fri, 17 Aug 2012 01:43:01 GMT
My thinking on this topic was a little muddled. I went back to an old
encrypted email project of mine.

# generate private and public keys for andy
openssl genrsa -out andy.pem 2048
openssl rsa -in andy.pem -pubout >

#encrypt and decrypt
openssl rsautl -encrypt -pubin -inkey < my-message.txt >
openssl rsautl -decrypt -inkey andy.pem < my-encrypted-message.txt <

After encryption, the public key is no longer needed.

> On Aug 14, 2012 9:47 AM, "David Medinets" <> wrote:
>> Is there any reason why I should not store a public key as the Column
>> Qualifier and an encrypted value as the Value in a record? The idea is
>> that my scan would return a set of encrypted values which would be
>> unencrypted by the application using a private key. This is only works
>> for simple data but it does allow each record to have a different
>> encryption key pair.

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