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From Edmon Begoli <>
Subject CryptDB - FYI - it might be inspirational for Accumulo encryption architecture
Date Sat, 28 Jul 2012 20:29:55 GMT
You all might be aware of this, so please excuse the redundant information:


CryptDB is a system that provides practical
and provable confidentiality in the face of these attacks for
applications backed by SQL databases. It works by executing SQL
over encrypted data using a collection of efficient SQL-aware
encryption schemes. CryptDB can also chain encryption keys to user
passwords, so that a data item can be decrypted only by using the
password of one of the users with access to that data. As a result,
a database administrator never gets access to decrypted data, and even
if all servers are compromised, an adversary cannot decrypt
the data of any user who is not logged in

CryptDB is MySQL based system, but I think that some of its mechanisms
could be relevant for key-value stores.
(In my work/research, I was looking for HIPAA compliant data store)


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