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From Jason Trost <>
Subject Python client lib for Accumulo?
Date Wed, 02 May 2012 15:31:52 GMT
I noticed that there are no JIRAs for a python client
interface/lib/API for Accumulo.  How involved would it be to develop
AND maintain a python client for Accumulo?

I realize that Jython can be used, but I am interested in a native
python lib that can be use more broadly with systems that don't work
with Jython.

In order to do this, it seems like we would need to:
1. generate the python thrift bindings code (this is trivial)
2. develop and maintain the python glue code to use the thrift code
and python zookeeper code to interact with the various accumulo
components.  The current Java "glue" code looks quite long.  How often
does this code change (in terms of new features or changes in
protocol, not bug fixes)?

Ideally the python API would be very similar to the Java interface
(Connector, Instance, Scanner, BatchScanner, BatchWriter, Key, Value,
Mutation, etc).

I guess what I am trying to get at is, does the Accumulo dev community
think it's worth the time and effort to develop and maintain a python
API?  I personally think it is in order to help with adoption and
integration with other systems (Django is the primary system I want to
be able to use with it).  I have some time to help this along, but I
don't think I have enough time to take this on alone.  Is anyone else
interested in working together on this?



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