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From Michael Van Geertruy <>
Subject Re: Windows/Intell-J
Date Thu, 24 May 2012 04:50:52 GMT

I tried to do the same thing last October. Accumulo itself isn't the 
problem when it comes to getting it to work on Windows. The problem is 
all the other applications that Accumulo relies on to work. For example, 
I was unable to find a good port of hadoop, or hmap. All of these 
applications were written with a target of linux/mac.  So, I eventually 
abandoned the idea.

Instead, I downloaded the free VMWare VMPlayer, installed Cent-OS into 
it and just deployed the entire suite of products Hadoop uses into 
that.  (This process is called building a virtual appliance.) My laptop 
was a very inexpensive one (RIP), all I did was upgrade the ram to 8 
gigs, reserving 6 Gigs for VMWare and my virtual appliance.  All of the 
components I list above are open-source. The only sticky thing was that 
Oracles JDK license doesn't allow you to package it into a Virtual 
appliance that your'e going to distribute. So, as long as you're not 
going to sell the pre-configured VApp, you should be fine using the 
Oracle JDK.

Hope that help!

Mike Van
Committer - Apache Software Foundation

On 5/23/2012 12:17 PM, wrote:
> I downloaded the trunk on my Windows 7 machine and imported it into
> IntelliJ with complete success.  The maven targets were all available
> but when I tried to build the build scripts failed trying to build the
> user's manual.
> I have all the components to run the scripts and the PDF builder, but
> the evaluation in the build script fail (obviously because they were
> built for a Unix shell).
> Is the ability to build this in a Windows environment something anyone
> has accomplished?  Is it desired?
> Bob Thorman
> Engineering Fellow
> L-3 Communications, ComCept
> 1700 Science Place
> Rockwall, TX 75032
> (972) 772-7501 work

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