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From David Medinets <>
Subject Inconsistent Naming in IteratorSetting class.
Date Sun, 18 Mar 2012 23:25:49 GMT
A Property object used to hold key-value information used to modify
the behavior of an Interator. However, these are the methods


Is there a reason why the same concept as two names? I'd like to
settle on one name and standardise.

Could we change the names to be something like
getInteratorSettingProperties? I know that some people are annoyed by
longer method names, but when searching through a code base, have
unique names is handy. Searching for a generically named method - such
as getProperties, returns a lot of false positives.

Is there a list (or example) of supported properties? For example, I
see the following options when I type 'help setiter'. How are these
options defined in code?

  -ageoff,--ageoff                 an aging off type
  -agg,--aggregator                an aggregating type
  -majc,--major-compaction         applied at major compaction
  -minc,--minor-compaction         applied at minor compaction
  -regex,--regular-expression      a regex matching type
  -reqvis,--require-visibility     a type that omits entries with
empty visibilities
  -scan,--scan-time                applied at scan time
  -vers,--version                  a versioning type

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