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From David Medinets <>
Subject Message To Use ${project.artifactId} instead of ${artifactId} in pom.xml
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2012 02:41:10 GMT
I am seeing the following warning:

[WARNING] Some problems were encountered while building the effective
model for org.apache.accumulo:accumulo-assemble:pom:1.5.0-incubating-SNAPSHOT
[WARNING] The expression ${artifactId} is deprecated. Please use
${project.artifactId} instead.accumulo-assemble:pom

In pom.xml, I see the following:

  215: <deb>${}/${artifactId}_${project.version}.deb</deb>
  310: <deb>${}/${artifactId}-native_${project.version}-${os.arch}.deb</deb>
  350: <deb>${}/${artifactId}-test_${project.version}-${os.arch}.deb</deb>

In src/assemble/pom.xml, I see the following lines:

  269: <deb>${}/${artifactId}_${project.version}.deb</deb>
  364: <deb>${}/${artifactId}-native_${project.version}-${os.arch}.deb</deb>
  404: <deb>${}/${artifactId}-test_${project.version}-${os.arch}.deb</deb>

Is there any reason, I should not change follow the advice of the warning?

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