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From Aaron Cordova <>
Subject a model for accumulo write scaling performance
Date Fri, 24 Feb 2012 19:35:42 GMT
In my experience with Accumulo on EC2, I've seen about an 85% increase in aggregate write rate
each time the size of the cluster is doubled. I've tried to capture that behavior in a model
to help myself understand it.

The model I came up with is the following:

	w: aggregate write rate (writes per second)
	m: number of machines
	k: standalone single server performance (in my experience about 30k writes per second on

the units of k and w are writes per second

for those of you without the ability to see graphics in email, the model is:
	w = m * pow(0.85, log(m, 2)) * k

First of all, my algebra may be rusty, so it may be possible to simplify the model ... second,
does the model make sense? 
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