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Subject [accumulo-website] branch keith-turner-patch-1 created (now 808bec6)
Date Thu, 31 Jan 2019 21:01:01 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

kturner pushed a change to branch keith-turner-patch-1
in repository

      at 808bec6  Update 2.0.0-alpha-2 release notes with changes since alpha-1

This branch includes the following new commits:

     new 6165299  Initial jekyll site
     new 62ef310  Add favicon and site title
     new be37e05  Fix relative paths
     new e114ada  Create production config
     new cbbbaf8  Add apidocs, manuals, and examples
     new 4dfe02d  Move remaining static content from old sites
     new 0794ca3  Include style from old site
     new 71d86a1  Fix paths to resources based on baseurl
     new cd6e7db  Use baseurl to fix markdown links
     new 40ad999  Fix broken links
     new 6c76ac3  Fix rendering problems
     new 4da4626  Fix contributing-to-contrib links
     new 48ed5ed  Fix several broken release notes
     new c4a42f2  Fix more broken links in bylaws
     new 16c3259  Fix broken table in bylaws
     new 6d309ab  Fix more broken tables in bylaws
     new 59dfd8a  Fix minor span tag problem
     new 37c5599  Fix minor html issues
     new b4c3d44  Delete example content from 'jekyll new'
     new 3afd48d  Attach post-commit hook
     new 01abb4b  Use asf-site for published branch name
     new 0908bb7  Remove conflicting index file from 'jekyll new' and use jekyll --safe
     new 3de6faf  Update site instructions
     new 2bbf34b  Add a banner on non-canonical mirrors
     new bfbecf6  Remove extra slash on site url
     new 0f94242  Add header links for sections
     new 774cfb5  Move the anchor links back to where they were before
     new 5b59f19  Work around OSX's mktemp not being the same as posix.
     new b1d981e  Fix h1 skipping based on front matter flag
     new b234620  Move Michael Wall to committers
     new f43eba4  Convert to using bundler with fixed gem versions
     new acabda1  Support travis-ci builds for gh-pages
     new 16beffd  Add in Shawn Walker as a contributor
     new b02b3d2  Recommend using bundler instead of installing gems by hand.
     new ac41a1d  Trigger travis builds on gh-pages
     new 7c19fcb  Build gh-pages branch with ruby 2.2
     new 15689bc  Use travis-ci bundler cache
     new 9701420  Exclude vendor dir for travis-ci bundler cache
     new 9ce69f7  Fix travis IRC notifications
     new 5e32656  Fix build instructions (verify not package for ITs)
     new 3c4a670  ACCUMULO-4189 - Created latest pages that for user manual and examples that
redirect to the latest released version
     new 47a24f8  Merge branch 'website-docs' of github:mikewalch/accumulo into gh-pages
     new 4156e99  Replace tabs with spaces for consistency
     new e91b625  Update to github-pages 72
     new 5816884  Fix broken link
     new 2da845a  Simplify links
     new c61e77b  Fix more links
     new 5401296  Convert social area and footer from html to markdown
     new 2918196  Ensure "Apache <Foo>" is explicit on the website
     new f1c1265  Clarify the first instance of "Thrift" as "Apache Thrift" throughout website
     new 492ad8f  Add Ivan Bella as contributor
     new 3154c1d  Update our category in the project RDF file
     new 0554092  Missed https vs http
     new d558c0d  Revert "Missed https vs http"
     new 964cf81  Favor markdown over html
     new 809dce0  Fix link in license header
     new 9faab27  Remove non-reproducible changes to Gemfile.lock
     new 5a0c3a6  Markdownify another html table
     new c59e3c0  Create redirects for latest minor release
     new 966e995  Improve formatting for definition list in glossary
     new d81c5f0  Fix section linking/hiding under nav menu problem
     new c299cf2  Only apply nav menu fix to header sections
     new 0361e60  ACCUMULO-4190 Clean up navigation menu
     new 65eeb38  Remove unnecessary comment about needing to be able to build RPMs/DEBs
     new fa4655d  ACCUMULO-4313 - Made several improvements to website:
     new 37f1c7d  Use updated jekyll plugins
     new 6ad750b  Fix links to apidocs
     new 43f42b9  Update mailing list page to use new ASF lists site
     new a9b0fda  Add 1.7.2 Release
     new 6538290  Minor updates to 1.7.2 release notes.
     new f30cc51  Add a paragraph on the smaller keys for index blocks improvement
     new 18d95ff  Add JS Runtime for non-OSX installations
     new f7c1a74  Update IRC notifications for gh-pages branch
     new a590d9a  Remove duplicated rfile index stats improvement
     new 976bf7f  Add thanks page
     new e1a46d5  Add Mario Pastorelli to contributor's list
     new b3e93a0  Add Michael Miller to contributor's page
     new 11026d4  Update gems (github-pages to 93)
     new b649c3f  Add Adam J Shook as a contributor
     new bca6339  Draft Release notes for 1.8.0
     new 15ffa60  Proofread/Edits on 1.8.0 release notes
     new be06c76  Committing phrocker as a committer
     new e705496  Added sampling to release notes
     new 97bc584  Updates for 1.8.0 Release
     new 535d261  Remove 1.8/examples/_site
     new e5d6cc2  Updates for 1.8.0 release notes
     new 4ae04ab  Update RFile API link
     new 8a80315  Update count of bugs since rc3
     new 3d7c57f  More warning about thrift 0.9.3 upgrade
     new 3c7d97d  Even more warning about thrift 0.9.3 upgrade
     new 9c0e7b7  Bah, markdown
     new be3fc1b  Slight re-wording on Thrift compatibility.
     new 9d65adc  Tweaks to release notes
     new efd47ae  Update/correct release dates
     new dc2efd9  Corrected chapter numbering in 1.6 manual
     new 4586faa  ACCUMULO-4310 Update website with changes to 1.6 user manual
     new c9e688e  Add Ben Manes as a contributor
     new 49b86b2  Update site for 1.6.6 release
     new 273a801  Fix download mirror lookup script for https
     new d4130c2  Mention 1.6.6 being last version for Java 6/Hadoop1
     new 8c8eb7d  Move Ed to committers
     new d1a74a8  Update 1.8 user manual with recent fixes
     new af8b0e5  update 1.7 and 1.8 user manuals with recent changes
     new 0b9edd2  Add Accumulo Connector for Presto documentation to
     new 13995bc  Adding Luis to contributors
     new 9137799  Add Dima Spivak as a contributor.
     new b7f105f  ACCUMULO-4503 Upgraded Bootstrap and changed theme
     new ed21adb  ACCUMULO-4503 Added blog to website
     new 899f3b1  Give inline code some color
     new 96a13b9  Use more specific links to original blog posts
     new f690c6b  Remove slash from links to news archive
     new 506b57c  Several more updates to website
     new f6ec989  Fix downloads dropdown
     new 5db8fa7  Updated projects page
     new 5611d6d  Merge branch 'web-projects' into gh-pages
     new b8fa8b9  Fixed several bugs in website
     new b02a141  Wrote blog post about durability and performance
     new e044731  Merge branch 'durability' into gh-pages
     new 27debfc  fix missed review comment
     new dd2d8cf  Changed status in people to committer
     new b873c76  Moved Michael Miller to committers
     new 9a50bd1  ACCUMULO-4518 Use Jekyll posts for releases
     new 358b7b4  Merge branch 'release-posts' into gh-pages
     new 328aa26  Update to Jekyll 3.3.0
     new 518dd77  Navbar now links to a single governance page
     new 030b3aa  removed slash from url
     new a412c34  Blog post about simplified scripts coming in 2.0.0
     new dca73a8  Merge branch 'scripts-blog-post' into gh-pages
     new a71ede8  Reorganized website menu
     new 1baf2e6  Update commit hook to work with master branch only
     new b9e3c64  Update docs for updating the website
     new 7a5c6fa  Update apidocs publishing information
     new 2a3cec6  Add Apache prefix to ASF projects on projects page
     new ce370f7  Update 1.6.6 release notes w/ correct vfs 2.1 info
     new ec2e753  Created version of Accumulo logo for dark backgrounds
     new b7e5e7b  Link to related 3rd party graph project
     new a71056c  Several updates to website
     new 62b91e0  Website cleanup
     new f261f85  Add post about running on Fedora 25
     new 69b19d3  Add a quick warning about not doing this in production
     new e0a6f17  Mis-formatting of the italics
     new cb209b3  ACCUMULO-4540 Update err msg in post-commit hook
     new 435ad6e  ACCUMULO-4548 Fixed grammar errors on Accumulo Website
     new 7676fd5  ACCUMULO-4547 Fix broken links on website
     new e0b8827  ACCUMULO-4548 Changed a word in the documentation
     new 7709d48  Merge remote-tracking branch 'lstav/master'
     new 76f2d8c  ACCUMULO-4564 Replace &trade; with &reg; on the website
     new 7ccd338  add apachecon link to main page
     new 1c68ce6  Change affilition and add related project
     new 919ac1a  refine project description
     new 7585991  Clean up logic for making header row
     new 538f419  Draft release notes for 1.8.1
     new 4551876  Added Gaffer to list of related projects.
     new 3cc86be  Updated .gitignore for IntelliJ files
     new a4093d7  Updates for 1.8.1 Release
     new 90a96b6  Make 1.8.1 javadocs this time
     new 5679ae1  Wrote blog post about security and performance.
     new fa21326  Fix the date on the security peformance post
     new caa63e3  Add a blog post celebrating Accumulo's five years as a TLP
     new d1afc57  Updates to Accumulo 2.0 scripts post
     new 79edb22  Add 1.7.3 release to DOAP
     new ae26080  Changed feather logo to Support logo on footer
     new fe430bf  Remove some broken links, use HTTPS
     new 8055392  1.7.3 release
     new 3875c34  Actually update for 1.7.3
     new 55a32af  Use https to apache
     new c7576e8  Blog post about Uno & Muchos
     new 2b1bdd8  Refactored documentation archive
     new 0357114  Minor update to uno/muchos blog post
     new 5c65e85  Renamed to index.html
     new 9af1d95  Updated home page
     new 32ac61d  ACCUMULO-4630 Copied docs from Accumulo repo
     new 7cc70b2  ACCUMULO-4630 Refactored documentation for website
     new 7e6a7b9  Fixed link in warning banner
     new 036341f  Split up long administration and troubleshooting overview pages
     new 18942e8  Improved linking to javadocs
     new 8939ce9  Added javadoc links in clients documentation
     new 29778dd  Added more links between pages and javadocs
     new 817a0ef  Organized documentation
     new e0da132  Documentation updates
     new b52d466  Added more links to javadocs in documentation
     new a33b3ed  Improvemnts to documentation and verifying release page
     new 3c55491  Updates to installation instructions
     new c7de928  Affixed documentation sidebar to move when user scrolls
     new 3b7b2c6  Fixed future doc warning text
     new 883f566  Fixed prsync link in quick install docs
     new 26f0eb3  Several minor updates to documenation
     new 2386e76  Updated documentation layout
     new a4540ce  Added 'latest' redirects for each documentation page
     new 8d90110  Updated release guide with changes to Accumulo documentation
     new 3afe129  Update release guide for documentation
     new 4e7894f  Fixed big O notation logic in documentation
     new 93d8612  add jchevalay in contributors
     new 6d142d5  fix sorting in
     new c9398c5  remove username jchevalay
     new d43fd4c  Add Matt Peterson as contributor
     new db5a551  ACCUMULO-4660 Update docs to definitively inform that monitor should not
be internet-facing
     new 8f3e481  ACCUMULO-4668 Remove 1.6 from the downloads page
     new 954ed0f  Blog post about improvements to the documentation
     new 7fbaf66  Merge branch 'docs-post'
     new 178571e  Refactor configuration management documentation
     new 2b8bf45  Merge branch 'config-mgmt'
     new 0b26f09  Correct historical info about when asciidoc was used
     new ba7d772  Several updates to documentation
     new 74699ed  Merge branch 'docs-version'
     new f07e473  ACCUMULO-4673 Improved documentation for proxy
     new 2434437  Add Toshihiro Suzuki as a contributor
     new a78992d  Removed Apache ID as not in phonebook
     new df4df97  Added troubleshooting for low ingest rates
     new c1ef696  PMC Ivan Bella, and fixed company for Dave Marion
     new 3705ad3  Mike Wall -> ASRC
     new 8f5f41b  Added blog post and logo for Accumulo Summit
     new 48d0094  Add Kyle as contributor.
     new 65f2d23  Merge branch 'pr-21'
     new ddd5b72  ACCUMULO-4684 Add replication table schema to docs
     new 0737319  ACCUMULO-4698 Update git repo links for gitbox
     new e8352ec  Adding draft release notes for 2.0.0 (#22)
     new 2afb8e0  ACCUMULO-3652 Added to release notes
     new ca3ff8a  Removed 2.0.0 notes from feed.xml & latest news (#24)
     new 1ac3e8f  Fix release archive page
     new 4c077e8  Fix news archive page
     new 1940129  Update Jekyll gem versions
     new cc4a864  Remove liquid variables from front matter for redirect_to
     new 8ecad8f  Add draft 1.8.2 release notes
     new dc73330  Simplified documentation (#25)
     new cefdd5b  Minor updates to 2.0 docs (#26)
     new 6d7d723  Fixed blog post
     new 54fb9ed  Added Mark Owens as contributor
     new 3155648  Add FineAndDandy as contributor
     new a49d6e1  Add FineAndDandy as contributor
     new 9b8f18d  ACCUMULO-4721 Document rfile-info in user manual (#28)
     new cc76bc2  ACCUMULO-4727 Updated instructions for running the website (#29)
     new ea6a797  Update 2.0.0 draft release notes for ACCUMULO-4726
     new 19d5482  Remove broken link on page (#31)
     new d8338cc  Switch from numbers to ids for links
     new cc5aaec  Update
     new cba2cca  ACCUMULO-4735 Fixed typos and spelling errors (#34)
     new bdcf5d2  Update with instructions for Ruby install
     new 73cbdd9  ACCUMULO-4714 Improved contributing docs for new developers (#37)
     new 1f75b49  Added PircDef to and updated release notes. (#39)
     new 8b931a2  Updated people page (#40)
     new 65ae8a2  Added Jared to people page
     new 23829ac  ACCUMULO-4750 Created caching documentation (#44)
     new 5c64914  ACCUMULO-4747 Create a unified upgrade reference (#45)
     new 3ed7aa9  Fixed page # on new upgrading page
     new 10215fe  ACCUMULO-4734 Created basic tour structure on website (#32)
     new 8aac928  ACCUMULO-4734 Create a few exercises for the tour
     new 79ad908  ACCUMULO-4734 Updated syntax highlighting (#41)
     new 3353d9b  Correct typo on range-splits page (#42)
     new f225080  ACCUMULO-4734 Changes from review of tour (#43)
     new d9658c5  Removed empty tour pages and fixed home page
     new 3376d94  updated authorizations in tour
     new fddd238  Update to latest Google Analytics snippet
     new c1600bd  ACCUMULO-4754 Fix links to properties in 2.0 docs
     new cb36c74  ACCUMULO-4754 Updating properties docs generated by Accumulo
     new 269dfb4  ACCUMULO-4754 Converted properties to links
     new 0a525d5  ACCUMULO-4752 Create documentation on improving performance (#46)
     new 52f812c  Added conditional writer to tour
     new 3f05ee3  Added Benjamin Fach as contributor (#50)
     new 047a8bc  ACCUMULO-4761 Add documentation on canceling compaction (#51)
     new 912db32  Made properties linkable in table configuration (#52)
     new 8830c20  Created post announcing Accumulo tour (#53)
     new 694ad0e  Removed links to internal pages of tour from blog post
     new 8da2b18  Improved design documentation of tablet server (#49)
     new 84542b9  Updated GitHub pages version
     new 6bb61d8  Update (#55)
     new 4a0806d  ACCUMULO-4528 Add import/export table info to docs (#54)
     new 07edd16  Move Adam Shook to PMC/Committer
     new 51407aa  Created planning pages for 2.0.0 & 1.9.0 releases (#57)
     new 9ce0c29  ACCUMULO-4784 Updating docs with Connector builder (#56)
     new cc132ef  Adding auto-generated release notes for 1.7.4
     new 44ddc1c  Created release notes using generated file
     new 101ff26  Merge pull request #58 from mikewalch/17-release
     new 57a7da6  Added release notes for old releases (#60)
     new 14017e2  Update downloads page to follow new checksum policy
     new e08d82e  Add links to archives
     new 9e30679  Moved BigTable reference to design doc (#61)
     new 8734edf  proposal for github issues (#59)
     new 4506238  fixed date on post
     new 4f1e088  Move Mark Owens to PMC/Committer
     new bb99aea  Update ACCUMULO-4669 description for 1.7.4 (#65)
     new e6f707b  Created blog post on metrics setup for Grafana (#62)
     new 806f360  Update website for 1.7.4 release (#68)
     new 6893912  Add GitHub button to main page (#69)
     new ef69051  Fix Google Analytics (migration to gtag.js)
     new 89d5c1c  Added testing info for 1.7.4 rel notes (#71)
     new ae04a63  Move Nick Felts to PMC/Committer
     new 015005c  Recommend closing JIRA issues as dupes (#72)
     new d8c0592  Improve committer instructions in readme (#73)
     new f7102ef  Fix links in blog post (#74)
     new 9c99152  Update website for 100-column line length format
     new c733862  Add ASF event promotion
     new 5f09f97  Fix missing div tag and match Whimsy regex
     new 1b51af3  Move Luis Tavarez to PMC/Committer
     new f6d2640  Updated github-pages version to 181
     new 4110f91  Add myself to contributors list (#75)
     new 24a174f  Updates to 1.9.0 release notes (#77)
     new 214f2fb  update 1.9.0 release notes (#78)
     new 9d5acbd  update 1.9.0 release notes
     new 65571ac  update 1.9.0 release notes to describe ACCUMULO-3389
     new f8969a1  Add 1.9.0 apidocs
     new 6799d71  Add 1.9.0 manual and examples
     new 4bd8117  1.9.0 release updates (#79)
     new 56428ab  Move doap and update issue tracker
     new 87c4812  Change DOAP category to big-data
     new 1835505  Updates to Proxy documentation (#80)
     new 19f858c  Adding docs for testing Accumulo release (#76)
     new b360e4c  Added search functionality to Accumulo website (#81)
     new 0fe4bf5  Fixed bug with search button
     new c8dd566  Switched ASF dropdown to logo
     new 480b7aa  Updated Uno & Muchos URLs (#82)
     new f7cc574  Beginning of 1.9.1 release notes (#83)
     new fa76ef8  Fix typo in Durability section (#84)
     new c35fc78  Update javadocs for 1.9.1
     new 58030fa  Website updates to release 1.9.1
     new eafeeaf  Add archive indicators for old version (#85)
     new 2619e97  Fix password typo in tour. (#86)
     new 8326180  Add Matthew Boehm to contributors list (#87)
     new 112b6bb  Grammar fix
     new 5fe507f  Add Kenneth McFarland to contributors (#88)
     new 6d8b322  [hotfix] Fix broken link in quickstart (#89)
     new b5f4adf  Created post about Accumulo Summit (#90)
     new 1348c64  Updated 2.0 client documentation (#91)
     new 72da0a6  Created tag for linking to javadocs, properties, and docs (#93)
     new c29c50c  Removed --safe from jekyll build
     new 9729b41  Simplified custom liquid tags and created documentation (#94)
     new 0713f33  Fixed example
     new 61643d7  Document Scan Executors (#92)
     new f18e10f  All Accumulo package prefixes work with javadoc links (#96)
     new 8a7aa58  Update auto-generated
     new 078a747  Improved handling of prefix properties (#95)
     new 90b77af  Add scan executors to rel notes (#97)
     new 1fbf0a9  Improved linking in Replication docs (#99)
     new 9a99127  Update gems and add 1.9.2 and 1.9.3 draft notes
     new 329e5f1  update 1.9.2 rel notes
     new 84362ed  Update javadocs for 1.9.2
     new b317a81  Update website for 1.9.2 release
     new 8b2982b  mention apache/accumulo#467 in 1.9.2 rel notes
     new 7b25602  Add docs for scan execution hints apache/accumulo#571 (#100)
     new e2dcce1  Adding Chris McTague to contributors list (#103)
     new a9956b7  Spelling corrections for Accumulo Website (#104)
     new f9dde31  Removed links to events on contact page (#105)
     new d4847f5  Updated docs to reflect change to (#106)
     new d47fe6b  Update for experimental props (#107)
     new 16fd657  Document public API (#109)
     new 1bdcffd  Updated links on Features page (#110)
     new 549e88b  Add D4M to related-projects (#113)
     new a471732  Use https for D4M link
     new 2d51393  Add documentation for crypto (#108)
     new ccf16c6  Accumulo 2.0 updates (#111)
     new cb1e949  Update summit logo (#118)
     new 36cd7b4  Update crypto admin based on recent changes
     new 65a48e6  Improved 2.0 release notes and added issue liquid tags
     new a44a553  Add 2.0.0-alpha-1 javadocs
     new 409cb8e  Update site for 2.0.0-alpha-1
     new e955987  Consolidate docs for 2.x and later (#119)
     new 45112e5  Update travis
     new dee2644  Update Accumulo Professionals linkedin (#114)
     new 5be1102  Fixed 2.x docs URL (#120)
     new 2ca95a8  Fixes #67 - Move features and glossary pages into docs (#121)
     new ed855bc  Fixed broken links
     new 5316eb7  Organized sidebar to reduce number of pages in Admin tab (#122)
     new 1cd420c  Created configuration section in docs (#123)
     new e1eea2f  Fixed link
     new f289f17  Updated crypto property name (#124)
     new 2fa3c6c  Fixed javadoc link
     new afcdcfe  Updates to documentation (#125)
     new 99166db  Created documentation for upgrading to 2.0 (#126)
     new 3eaee4f  Updated Security documentation
     new 43b167d  Updated AccumuloClient builder method names
     new fe236f5  Merge pull request #129 from mikewalch/security
     new d8d1c2b  Created a 'Configuration Files' documentation page (#130)
     new 1c5d3dc  Improved configuration overview
     new 1cfdec2  Updates from ACCUMULO-4496
     new 433d384  Improve table durability docs (#131)
     new eaabc9f  Fixed link on homepage
     new f1d938d  Renamed quick-install to quickstart (#133)
     new 6e7943f  Refactored configuration overview (#132)
     new 0c57d46  Minor config updates
     new c5730c7  Add links to automated tools in quick start (#134)
     new 2bab009  Updated MapReduce docs to include new configuration (#135)
     new 5345755  Fix link to blog post
     new 6345521  Add slack to contact us page (#138)
     new f584347  Updated how to contribute
     new e70de28  Add rule to redirect http:// to https://
     new afca188  Documentation updates (#139)
     new 36b89f4  Updated MapReduce docs with 2.0 changes (#140)
     new d105c34  Added Jeffrey Zeiberg to contributor list (#141)
     new d70ec3b  More updates to MapReduce docs (#142)
     new dff1a2e  Updated script docs from changes in master (#143)
     new 942bfcb  Updates links to M/R examples
     new f6cf9c8  Minor fixes
     new ab08d17  Improved links in docs
     new 0fb74e5  Update (#146)
     new af2e63b  Updates to table config
     new 41854ab  Update 2.0 warning message (#145)
     new 77812b4  Update client documentation (#144)
     new f0cd66b  Updates to 2.0 release notes (#148)
     new 80e4b91  Update site for 2.0.0-alpha-2
     new 6bbec55  Remove Google Analytics (#128)
     new ddf7f0b  Remove unused class attribute
     new 808bec6  Update 2.0.0-alpha-2 release notes with changes since alpha-1

The 402 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "add" were already present in the repository and have only
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