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Subject [1/8] accumulo git commit: ACCUMULO-2290 Add section to start/stop individual nodes/process
Date Fri, 19 Dec 2014 18:44:42 GMT
Repository: accumulo
Updated Branches:
  refs/heads/1.6 59238d046 -> 273491784
  refs/heads/master 4e8374562 -> 999115eff

ACCUMULO-2290 Add section to start/stop individual nodes/process


Branch: refs/heads/1.6
Commit: 67998ed159ddedb54f765600aa0300c2075a4f88
Parents: 59238d0
Author: Josh Elser <>
Authored: Fri Dec 19 12:20:42 2014 -0500
Committer: Josh Elser <>
Committed: Fri Dec 19 12:33:18 2014 -0500

 .../chapters/administration.tex                 | 22 +++++++++++++++++++-
 1 file changed, 21 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)
diff --git a/docs/src/main/latex/accumulo_user_manual/chapters/administration.tex b/docs/src/main/latex/accumulo_user_manual/chapters/administration.tex
index ffbcfdf..76021cc 100644
--- a/docs/src/main/latex/accumulo_user_manual/chapters/administration.tex
+++ b/docs/src/main/latex/accumulo_user_manual/chapters/administration.tex
@@ -355,7 +355,7 @@ If you need to take a node out of operation, you can trigger a graceful
 server. Accumulo will automatically rebalance the tablets across the available tablet servers.
-$ACCUMULO_HOME/bin/accumulo admin stop <host(s)> {<host> ...}
+$ACCUMULO_HOME/bin/accumulo admin stop <host[:port]> {<host[:port]> ...}
 Alternatively, you can ssh to each of the hosts you want to remove and run:
@@ -369,6 +369,26 @@ account for the removal of these hosts. Bear in mind that the monitor
will not r
 slaves file automatically, so it will report the decomissioned servers as down; it's 
 recommended that you restart the monitor so that the node list is up to date.
+\subsection{Restarting process on a node}
+Occasionally, it might be necessary to restart the processes on a specific node. In addition
+to the \texttt{} and \texttt{} scripts, Accumulo contains scripts
to start/stop all processes
+on a node and start/stop a given process on a node.
+\texttt{} and \texttt{} will start/stop all Accumulo processes on
the current node. The
+necessary processes to start/stop are determined via the "hosts" files (e.g. slaves, masters,
+These scripts expect no arguments.
+\texttt{} can also be useful in starting a given process on a host.
+The first argument to the process is the hostname of the machine. Use the same host that

+you specified in hosts file (if you specified FQDN in the masters file, use the FQDN, not
+the shortname). The second argument is the name of the process to start (e.g. master, tserver).
+The steps described to decomission a node can also be used (without removal of the host
+from the \texttt{\$ACCUMUL\_HOME/conf/slaves} file) to gracefully stop a node. This will
+ensure that the tabletserver is cleanly stopped and recovery will not need to be performed
+when the tablets are re-hosted.
 The Accumulo Master provides an interface for monitoring the status and health of

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