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Subject [2/4] git commit: ACCUMULO-378 Removing experimental annotation.
Date Wed, 28 May 2014 18:56:32 GMT
ACCUMULO-378 Removing experimental annotation.

In talking to [~ctubbsii] on the subject, he stated that the intent of Experimental
was for features that are incomplete or not expected to fully work. Replication is
not one of those features (it is tested and expected to work with known functionality),
therefore I'm removing the experimental annotation.


Branch: refs/heads/ACCUMULO-378
Commit: 5e8d6d2c7fdfd41a99ab812500eaf92661ba8481
Parents: 03d5752
Author: Josh Elser <>
Authored: Wed May 28 11:44:49 2014 -0400
Committer: Josh Elser <>
Committed: Wed May 28 11:44:49 2014 -0400

 .../org/apache/accumulo/core/conf/ | 26 +-------------------
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 25 deletions(-)
diff --git a/core/src/main/java/org/apache/accumulo/core/conf/ b/core/src/main/java/org/apache/accumulo/core/conf/
index 6afa956..8409781 100644
--- a/core/src/main/java/org/apache/accumulo/core/conf/
+++ b/core/src/main/java/org/apache/accumulo/core/conf/
@@ -179,14 +179,10 @@ public enum Property {
       "A class that implements a mechansim to steal write access to a file"),
   MASTER_FATE_THREADPOOL_SIZE("master.fate.threadpool.size", "4", PropertyType.COUNT,
       "The number of threads used to run FAult-Tolerant Executions. These are primarily table
operations like merge."),
-  @Experimental
   MASTER_REPLICATION_SCAN_INTERVAL("master.replication.status.scan.interval", "30s", PropertyType.TIMEDURATION,
       "Amount of time to sleep before scanning the status section of the replication table
for new data"),
-  @Experimental
   MASTER_REPLICATION_COORDINATOR_PORT("master.replication.coordinator.port", "10001", PropertyType.PORT,
"Port for the replication coordinator service"),
-  @Experimental
"4", PropertyType.COUNT, "Minimum number of threads dedicated to answering coordinator requests"),
-  @Experimental
"5s", PropertyType.TIMEDURATION, "The time between adjustments of the coordinator thread pool"),
   // properties that are specific to tablet server behavior
@@ -276,12 +272,9 @@ public enum Property {
       "The number of threads for the distributed work queue. These threads are used for copying
failed bulk files."),
   TSERV_WAL_SYNC("tserver.wal.sync", "true", PropertyType.BOOLEAN,
       "Use the SYNC_BLOCK create flag to sync WAL writes to disk. Prevents problems recovering
from sudden system resets."),
-  @Experimental
   TSERV_REPLICATION_REPLAYERS("tserver.replication.replayer.", null, PropertyType.PREFIX,
"Allows configuration of implementation used to apply replicated data"),
-  @Experimental
   TSERV_REPLICATION_DEFAULT_HANDLER("tserver.replication.default.replayer", "org.apache.accumulo.tserver.replication.BatchWriterReplicationReplayer",
       PropertyType.CLASSNAME, "Default AccumuloReplicationReplayer implementation"),
-  @Experimental
"50M", PropertyType.MEMORY, "Memory to provide to batchwriter to replay mutations for replication"),
   // properties that are specific to logger server behavior
@@ -432,9 +425,7 @@ public enum Property {
       "A customizable major compaction strategy."),
   TABLE_COMPACTION_STRATEGY_PREFIX("table.majc.compaction.strategy.opts.", null, PropertyType.PREFIX,
       "Properties in this category are used to configure the compaction strategy."),
-  @Experimental
   TABLE_REPLICATION("table.replication", "false", PropertyType.BOOLEAN, "Is replication enabled
for the given table"),
-  @Experimental
   TABLE_REPLICATION_TARGETS("", null, PropertyType.PREFIX, "Enumerate
a mapping of other systems which this table should " +
       "replicate their data to. The key suffix is the identifying cluster name and the value
is an identifier for a location on the target system, " +
       "e.g. the ID of the table on the target to replicate to"),
@@ -459,39 +450,24 @@ public enum Property {
       PropertyType.ABSOLUTEPATH, "Set this to automatically add maven target/classes directories
to your dynamic classpath"),
-  @Experimental
+  // General properties for configuring replication
   REPLICATION_PREFIX("replication.", null, PropertyType.PREFIX, "Properties in this category
affect the replication of data to other Accumulo instances."),
-  @Experimental
   REPLICATION_PEERS("replication.peer.", null, PropertyType.PREFIX, "Properties in this category
control what systems data can be replicated to"),
-  @Experimental
   REPLICATION_PEER_USER("replication.peer.user.", null, PropertyType.PREFIX, "The username
to provide when authenticating with the given peer"),
-  @Experimental
   REPLICATION_PEER_PASSWORD("replication.peer.password.", null, PropertyType.PREFIX, "The
password to provide when authenticating with the given peer"),
-  @Experimental
   REPLICATION_NAME("", "", PropertyType.STRING, "Name of this cluster with
respect to replication. Used to identify this instance from other peers"),
-  @Experimental
   REPLICATION_MAX_WORK_QUEUE("", "20000000", PropertyType.COUNT,
"Upper bound of the number of files queued for replication"),
-  @Experimental
"Amount of time to sleep between replication work assignment"),
-  @Experimental
   REPLICATION_WORKER_THREADS("replication.worker.threads", "4", PropertyType.COUNT, "Size
of the threadpool that each tabletserver devotes to replicating data"),
-  @Experimental
   REPLICATION_RECEIPT_SERVICE_PORT("replication.receipt.service.port", "10002", PropertyType.PORT,
"Listen port used by thrift service in tserver listening for replication"),
-  @Experimental
   REPLICATION_WORK_ATTEMPTS("", "10", PropertyType.COUNT, "Number
of attempts to try to replicate some data before giving up and letting it naturally be retried
-  @Experimental
   REPLICATION_MIN_THREADS("replication.receiver.min.threads", "1", PropertyType.COUNT, "Minimum
number of threads for replciation"),
-  @Experimental
   REPLICATION_THREADCHECK("replication.receiver.threadcheck.time", "5s", PropertyType.TIMEDURATION,
"The time between adjustments of the replication thread pool."),
-  @Experimental
   REPLICATION_MAX_UNIT_SIZE("replication.max.unit.size", "64M", PropertyType.MEMORY, "Maximum
size of data to send in a replication message"),
-  @Experimental
   REPLICATION_WORK_ASSIGNER("", "org.apache.accumulo.master.replication.SequentialWorkAssigner",
       "Replication WorkAssigner implementation to use"),
-  @Experimental
"Amount of time to wait before first checking for replication work"),
-  @Experimental
"Amount of time to wait before re-checking for replication work"),

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