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Subject svn commit: r1586492 - /accumulo/site/trunk/content/release_notes/1.6.0.mdtext
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2014 22:36:14 GMT
Author: kturner
Date: Thu Apr 10 22:36:14 2014
New Revision: 1586492

ACCUMULO-2396 add notes about API changes


Modified: accumulo/site/trunk/content/release_notes/1.6.0.mdtext
--- accumulo/site/trunk/content/release_notes/1.6.0.mdtext (original)
+++ accumulo/site/trunk/content/release_notes/1.6.0.mdtext Thu Apr 10 22:36:14 2014
@@ -20,8 +20,6 @@ Notice:    Licensed to the Apache Softwa
 Apache Accumulo 1.6.0 adds some major new features and fixes many bugs.  This release contains
changes from 609 issues contributed by 36 contributors and committers.  
-TODO paragraph on API changes
 Accumulo 1.6.0 runs on Hadoop 1, however Hadoop 2 with HA namenode is recommended for production
systems.  In addition to HA, Hadoop 2 also offers better data durability guarantees, in the
case when nodes lose power, than Hadoop 1.
 ## Notable Improvements
@@ -155,6 +153,20 @@ For more information, see [ACCUMULO-1950
  * [ACCUMULO-2441][ACCUMULO-2441] Document internal state stored in RFile names
  * [ACCUMULO-2590][ACCUMULO-2590] Update public API in readme to clarify what's included
+## API Changes
+The following deprecated methods were removed in [ACCUMULO-1533][ACCUMULO-1533]
+ * Many map reduce methods deprecated in [ACCUMULO-769][ACCUMULO-769] were removed 
+ * `SecurityErrorCode o.a.a.core.client.AccumuloSecurityException.getErrorCode()` *deprecated
in [ACCUMULO-970][ACCUMULO-970]*
+ * `Connector o.a.a.core.client.Instance.getConnector(AuthInfo)` *deprecated in [ACCUMULO-1024][ACCUMULO-1024]*
+ * `Connector o.a.a.core.client.ZooKeeperInstance.getConnector(AuthInfo)` *deprecated in
+ * `static String o.a.a.core.client.ZooKeeperInstance.getInstanceIDFromHdfs(Path)` *deprecated
+ * `static String ZooKeeperInstance.lookupInstanceName (ZooCache,UUID)` *deprecated in [ACCUMULO-765][ACCUMULO-765]*
+ * `void o.a.a.core.client.ColumnUpdate.setSystemTimestamp(long)`  *deprecated in [ACCUMULO-786][ACCUMULO-786]*
+Some possibly incompatible changes made to map reduce APIs are outlined in [ACCUMULO-2659][ACCUMULO-2659].
 Its unlikely these changes will impact users.
 ## Testing
 Below is a list of all platforms that 1.6.0 was tested against by developers. Each Apache
Accumulo release
@@ -180,19 +192,25 @@ and, in HDFS High-Availability instances
 [ACCUMULO-112]: "Partition data in memory
by locality group"
 [ACCUMULO-118]: "Multiple namenode support"
 [ACCUMULO-324]: "System/site constraints
and iterators should NOT affect the METADATA table"
 [ACCUMULO-335]: "Batch scanning over the
!METADATA table can cause issues"
 [ACCUMULO-391]: "Multi-table input format"
 [ACCUMULO-802]: "Table namespaces"
 [ACCUMULO-842]: "Add FATE administration
to shell"
 [ACCUMULO-958]: "Support pluggable encryption
in walogs"
 [ACCUMULO-998]: "Support encryption at
 [ACCUMULO-980]: "Support pluggable codecs
for RFile"
 [ACCUMULO-1000]: "Conditional Mutations"
 [ACCUMULO-1009]: "Support encryption
over the wire"
 [ACCUMULO-1018]: "Client does not give
informative message when user can not read table"
 [ACCUMULO-1218]: "document the recovery
from a failed zookeeper"
 [ACCUMULO-1336]: "Add lexicoders from
Typo to Accumulo"
 [ACCUMULO-1375]: "Update README files
in proxy module."
@@ -203,6 +221,7 @@ and, in HDFS High-Availability instances
 [ACCUMULO-1481]: "Root tablet in its
own table"
 [ACCUMULO-1492]: "bin/accumulo should
follow symbolic links"
 [ACCUMULO-1507]: "Dynamic Classloader
still can't keep proper track of jars"
 [ACCUMULO-1585]: "Use node addresses
from config files verbatim"
 [ACCUMULO-1562]: "add a troubleshooting
section to the user guide"
 [ACCUMULO-1566]: "Add ability for client
to start Scanner readahead immediately"
@@ -246,7 +265,7 @@ and, in HDFS High-Availability instances
 [ACCUMULO-2495]: "OOM exception didn't
bring down tserver"
 [ACCUMULO-2519]: "FATE operation failed
across upgrade"
 [ACCUMULO-2590]: "Update public API in
readme to clarify what's included"

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