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Subject svn commit: r1452005 - in /accumulo/branches/1.5/docs/src/user_manual: accumulo_user_manual.tex chapters/clients.tex chapters/shell.tex chapters/table_configuration.tex
Date Sun, 03 Mar 2013 06:36:09 GMT
Author: elserj
Date: Sun Mar  3 06:36:09 2013
New Revision: 1452005

ACCUMULO-1104 ACCUMULO-1136 Applying additional wording for using config as opposed to setiter.
Fix various other documentation which are now incorrect in 1.5.


Modified: accumulo/branches/1.5/docs/src/user_manual/accumulo_user_manual.tex
--- accumulo/branches/1.5/docs/src/user_manual/accumulo_user_manual.tex (original)
+++ accumulo/branches/1.5/docs/src/user_manual/accumulo_user_manual.tex Sun Mar  3 06:36:09
@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@
 \title{Apache Accumulo User Manual\\
-Version 1.4}
+Version 1.5}

Modified: accumulo/branches/1.5/docs/src/user_manual/chapters/clients.tex
--- accumulo/branches/1.5/docs/src/user_manual/chapters/clients.tex (original)
+++ accumulo/branches/1.5/docs/src/user_manual/chapters/clients.tex Sun Mar  3 06:36:09 2013
@@ -169,7 +169,7 @@ can easily supply their own buffer if th
 For an example, look at the following\\ 

Modified: accumulo/branches/1.5/docs/src/user_manual/chapters/shell.tex
--- accumulo/branches/1.5/docs/src/user_manual/chapters/shell.tex (original)
+++ accumulo/branches/1.5/docs/src/user_manual/chapters/shell.tex Sun Mar  3 06:36:09 2013
@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ and then display the following prompt:
 Shell - Apache Accumulo Interactive Shell
-- version 1.3
+- version 1.5
 - instance name: myinstance
 - instance id: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000

Modified: accumulo/branches/1.5/docs/src/user_manual/chapters/table_configuration.tex
--- accumulo/branches/1.5/docs/src/user_manual/chapters/table_configuration.tex (original)
+++ accumulo/branches/1.5/docs/src/user_manual/chapters/table_configuration.tex Sun Mar  3
06:36:09 2013
@@ -117,7 +117,7 @@ change to an existing constraint class r
 An example of constraints can be found in\\
 \texttt{accumulo/docs/examples/README.constraints} with corresponding code under\\
-\texttt{accumulo/src/examples/simple/main/java/accumulo/examples/simple/constraints} .
+\texttt{accumulo/examples/simple/main/java/accumulo/examples/simple/constraints} .
 \section{Bloom Filters}
 As mutations are applied to an Accumulo table, several files are created per tablet. If
@@ -142,16 +142,35 @@ TabletServers when scanning or compactin
 summarize, filter, and aggregate data. In fact, the built-in features of cell-level
 security and column fetching are implemented using Iterators.
 Some useful Iterators are provided with Accumulo and can be found in the org.apache.accumulo.core.iterators.user
+In each case, any custom Iterators must be included in Accumulo's classpath,
+typically by including a jar in \texttt{\$ACCUMULO\_HOME/lib} or
+\texttt{\$ACCUMULO\_HOME/lib/ext}, although the VFS classloader allows for
+classpath manipulation using a variety of schemes including URLs and HDFS URIs.
 \subsection{Setting Iterators via the Shell}
+Iterators can be configured on a table at scan, minor compaction and/or major
+compaction scopes. If the Iterator implements the OptionDescriber interface, the
+setiter command can be used which will interactively prompt the user to provide
+values for the given necessary options. 
 usage: setiter [-?] -ageoff | -agg | -class <name> | -regex | 
 -reqvis | -vers   [-majc] [-minc] [-n <itername>] -p <pri>   
 [-scan] [-t <table>]
-user@myinstance mytable> setiter -t mytable -scan -p 10 -n myiter
+user@myinstance mytable> setiter -t mytable -scan -p 15 -n myiter -class
+The config command can always be used to manually configure iterators which is useful 
+in cases where the Iterator does not implement the OptionDescriber interface.
+config -t mytable -s table.iterator.{scan|minc|majc}.myiter=15,
+config -t mytable -s table.iteartor.{scan|minc|majc}.myiter.opt.myoptionname=myoptionvalue
@@ -351,7 +370,7 @@ Additional Combiners can be added by cre
 class to Accumulo's lib/ext directory.
 An example of a Combiner can be found under\\
 \section{Block Cache}

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