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Subject svn commit: r1307552 - /accumulo/site/trunk/content/index.mdtext
Date Fri, 30 Mar 2012 17:49:26 GMT
Author: billie
Date: Fri Mar 30 17:49:26 2012
New Revision: 1307552

adjusted description


Modified: accumulo/site/trunk/content/index.mdtext
--- accumulo/site/trunk/content/index.mdtext (original)
+++ accumulo/site/trunk/content/index.mdtext Fri Mar 30 17:49:26 2012
@@ -17,9 +17,9 @@ Notice:    Licensed to the Apache Softwa
            under the License.
 The Apache Accumulo sorted, distributed key/value store is a robust, scalable, high performance

-implementation of Google's [BigTable][1] design.  It is built on top of Apache [Hadoop][2],
-[Zookeeper][3], and [Thrift][4].  It features a few novel improvements on the
-BigTable design in the form of cell-level access labels and a server-side
+data storage and retrieval system. Apache Accumulo is based on Google's [BigTable][1] design
and is built on
+top of Apache [Hadoop][2], [Zookeeper][3], and [Thrift][4].  Apache Accumulo features a few
+improvements on the BigTable design in the form of cell-based access control and a server-side
 programming mechanism that can modify key/value pairs at various points in the
 data management process.  Other notable improvements and feature are outlined
@@ -35,4 +35,4 @@ and [Cassandra][7].  Accumulo began its 
 [5]:                     "HBase"
 [6]:                       "Hypertable"
 [7]:                 "Cassandra"
-[8]:                      "Apache Software Foundation"
+[8]:                      "Apache Software Foundation"
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