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From "Goetzmann Bertrand" <Bertrand.Goetzm...@lasersymag.com>
Subject A minimal Atom server
Date Fri, 03 Oct 2008 07:43:59 GMT

I just discover Abdera and I'm very impressed! Thank you to all
committers to this project.

So I downloaded the 0.4 version and tried to launch a minimal atom pub
server, using source code found in the employee folder: it contains
AppServer.java, Employee.java, and EmployeeCollectionAdapter.java.

AppServer has the main method and starts a Jetty web server that listens
on the 9002 port.

Using NetBenas 6.1 and these three sources I can start the server.

With a browser I can navigate to the URL http://localhost:9002/employee
that returns an empty list but a correct response (a Atom document).

But when I navigate to the URL http://localhost:9002/ in order to get
the service document I get an empty document (0 byte)!
I try also to add a new employee using a post command with the following
code in Groovy language:

def abdera = new Abdera()
def factory = abdera.factory
def client = new AbderaClient(abdera)

def entry = factory.newEntry()
entry.setUpdated(new Date())

def response = client.post("http://localhost:9002/employee", entry)
println "POST : $response.type"
println response.inputStream.text

But the response type is CLIENT_ERROR and the response text is empty; on
the server side I don't have any trace. When debugging the
EmployeeCollectionAdapter.postEntry is not called.
With the client, if I call the put method,
EmployeeCollectionAdapter.putEntry is well called.

So, why I can't get the service document, and what is wrong with my
client code?

Thank you for your help.


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