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From "Remy Gendron" <r...@arrova.ca>
Subject RE: Categories example
Date Tue, 29 Apr 2008 19:40:25 GMT
More questions:

I see that AbstractProvider will call the adapter's getCategories on a GET
for entries that are part of one or more categories:

Question 1) I cannot decipher from the Route implementation how you specify
one of more categories for a feed request. Could you provide expansion
examples for base/:collection/:entry;categories, as defined in

Question 2) I use AbstractEntityCollectionAdapter. Is there proper
integration for categories support with this entity oriented adapter?

Question 3) On a getEntries, I know how to fetch the parameters from the
request and use them to fetch the entries. Assuming that getCategories is
called, do I only have to retrieve the categories from the URL path and
fetch the matching entries?

Is the scheme used to specify the categories (which I don't know at the
moment - see question 1) part of some Atom specifications? How does this
compare with the GDATA path/-/category/category/... scheme?

I have seen in the Abdera codebase how to add category info to a feed. That
part is clearer.

Thanks again,

418 809-8585

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From: Remy Gendron [mailto:remy@arrova.ca] 
Sent: April 29, 2008 14:54
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Subject: Categories example

I was looking for an example of dealing with categories.


I am using the DefaultProvider implementation, hence the RouteManager, which
defines a route I have trouble interpreting. How would the URL to access a
collection category look like?


What is the contract of the AbstractCollectionAdapter with regard to
category support (getCategories(RequestContext)).







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