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From Jim Ancona <...@anconafamily.com>
Subject Re: Server authenticaion support
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2008 16:11:34 GMT
Remy Gendron wrote:
> I’m looking at securing my Abdera server implementation. Do you have
> recommendations for the following?
> 1) OpenAuth or WSSE? I am developing intra-corporate Atom services. These
> will not be exposed to the outside. Backed by a corporate LDAP.

Do you mean OpenAuth, the AOL auth API (http://dev.aol.com/openauth) or 
OAuth, the API auth protocol spec (http://oauth.net/)?  For intranet 
use, my guess is that Basic over SSL or HTTP Digest would be sufficient.

We are working on a REST API to enable integration with our web 
application (http://www.constantcontact.com/). We will probably support 
OAuth eventually, but for the time being we elected to use HTTP Digest.

> 2) Are there support libraries that would help in implementing this on the
> server side? Abdera already comes with auth extensions. How do I leverage
> these on the server side? Shouldn’t security be orthogonal to the Atom
> stuff? I was thinking along the way of a servlet filter.

I think you're on the right track. I couldn't find an open source HTTP 
Digest implementation in Java other than Acegi (see below), so I wrote 
my own as a servlet filter. If anyone knows of one, or a good test 
suite, please let me know!

> 3) My server is heavily Spring. I will look up ACEGI.

We use Spring as well. I'm sure you know that Acegi is now Spring 
Security. It sounds like they're doing a lot of work to simplify the 
common use cases, but when I look at it, it seemed like more than I 
wanted to bite off at that time. Because my implementation is pretty 
much orthogonal to the rest of the server implementation, we can 
reconsider it later.

Hope this helps!


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