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From Thomas Koch <tho...@koch.ro>
Subject Re: An idea: separating out all the server stuff
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2012 18:28:55 GMT
James Snell:
> Right now, even tho we do have the various distinct modules that
> separate things out rather well, the data format, client and server
> code is still pretty much all bundled together. As Thomas Koch has
> pointed out, the server stuff is a bit too overly complex and needs
> additional work to really boil it down and, honestly, I think there's
> been quite a bit of evolution in the server side of things that the
> entire approach being taken for the server side code needs to be
> reevaluated anyway. However, I don't want that to interfere with us
> being able to get the bulk of the new stuff in abdera2 out the door.
> So what I'd like to propose is that the server stuff be moved off to
> it's own isolated sub-project with an independent release from the
> core of the abdera2 code.. which would still focus primarily on the
> data formats (atom + activity streams and basic client side api). This
> change could be made rather easily and quickly and would allow us to
> move more quickly on getting functionality out and usable while
> allowing us to continue evolving at a faster pace.
> Whatcha think?


I'm wondering how much code in abdera-server is a reimplementation of data 
structures and logic already present in any REST framework like Jersey, 
Restlet, Apache CXF or Spring MVC?[1] Could abdera-server be made slimmer by 
reusing code from one of these projects? Could abdera-server become an 
extension to one of these projects?

Would it make sense to wait for JAX-RS 2 implementations?

I just noticed, that abdera2-server actually contains relatively few classes 
and that many classes that I expected to be part of the server package are in 

Best regards,

Thomas Koch, http://www.koch.ro

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