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From James Snell <jasn...@gmail.com>
Subject An idea: separating out all the server stuff
Date Tue, 31 Jan 2012 21:14:15 GMT
Ok.. while I still work on figuring out why I'm not receiving stuff
from abera-dev lately, I wanted to make a bit of a proposal for
abdera2 prior to release...

Right now, even tho we do have the various distinct modules that
separate things out rather well, the data format, client and server
code is still pretty much all bundled together. As Thomas Koch has
pointed out, the server stuff is a bit too overly complex and needs
additional work to really boil it down and, honestly, I think there's
been quite a bit of evolution in the server side of things that the
entire approach being taken for the server side code needs to be
reevaluated anyway. However, I don't want that to interfere with us
being able to get the bulk of the new stuff in abdera2 out the door.
So what I'd like to propose is that the server stuff be moved off to
it's own isolated sub-project with an independent release from the
core of the abdera2 code.. which would still focus primarily on the
data formats (atom + activity streams and basic client side api). This
change could be made rather easily and quickly and would allow us to
move more quickly on getting functionality out and usable while
allowing us to continue evolving at a faster pace.

Whatcha think?

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