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From Adam Constabaris <a...@clownsinmycoffee.net>
Subject Re: Not able to run Abdera Server on GlassFish
Date Mon, 27 Oct 2008 11:23:56 GMT
It's pretty hard to say what you might need to do without more details  
what's not working.  I have not had any problems getting the  
application to successfully deploy into Glassfish V1 and V2, but I  
have seen some issues with XML serialization.

It's worth knowing that without poking and prodding, Glassfish will  
use the JDK's StAX implementation, which -- in my experience -- AXIOM  
has trouble with.  So, try taking woodstox and the stax-api jars from  
your Abdera app's WEB-INF/lib and copy them into

$GLASSFISH_HOME/domains/[your domain]/lib/ext

and restart Glassfish.  This will tell Glassfish to use Woodstox for  
its StAX implementation when it runs that domain (by default,  

(btw, for anybody working on the troubleshooting guide, consider this  
an as-yet uncorroborated fix; here's the behaviour I've observed:

Glassfish V2UR2
Mac OS X 10.5 [JDK 1.5.0_16]
Custom provider running through subclassed AbderaServlet

Environment: Result
w/Abdera 0.4.0, default StAX: Service document blank
w/Abdera trunk, default StAX: Service document output without  
namespace information (i.e. the local names of the elements are all  
correct but there are no namespace declarations).
w/Abdera trunk, Woodstox: Correct output.




On 27-Aug-08, at 10:15 AM, pratimat wrote:

> Hello All,
> I have been trying a lot to run the sample Abdera server (0.4.0)  
> employee
> example using Glassfish instead of Jetty.
> What exactly should I be modifying in AppServer.java in to order to  
> run the
> Abdera server on Glassfish. I have incorporated the web.xml, but it  
> is not
> working.
> Also just a note that, I am using the CustomProvider and not the  
> Default
> Provider that came in the original program. My changes work fine w/  
> Jetty.
> Thanks in advance!
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