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From M Harris <mdange...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Summary as a Div
Date Mon, 09 Jun 2008 20:04:32 GMT
I had to change Abdera code to get the desired result:

public Text setSummary(Div value){
  FOMFactory factory = (FOMFactory)this.factory;
  Text text = factory.newSummary(Text.Type.XHTML);
  return text;

Jim Ancona <jim@anconafamily.com> wrote: I'm pretty sure that the parser used in Abdera
will only generate 
declarations for namespaces that are actually *used*. Try doing

div.setAttributeValue(new QName("http://www.somensurl.com/something", 
"foo"), "bar");

That should generate a namespace declaration.


M Harris wrote:
> I should add that in FOMEntry I see
> setSummary(Div div) method calls the factory's newSummary() method passing the Div...
But in FOMFactory newSummary only takes arguments Element, Text.Type.. So it returns newSummary(Text.Type.TEXT,
parent) - treats the div as if it is a parent.  
> It doesn't work as I think it should work or the way you say it should work... 
> I have version .4... is there a patch?
> M Harris  wrote: I've tried that to and I get this result:
> code:
> Div div = factory.newDiv(); 
> div.setText("test value"); 
> div.declareNS("http://www.somensurl.com/something", "prefix");
> entry.setSummary(div);
> result:

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