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From "David Primmer" <david.prim...@gmail.com>
Subject I added some good general abdera walkthroughs to shindig
Date Fri, 16 May 2008 06:11:02 GMT
see the two attachments in this jira ticket:

I think these are re-usable for the general abdera docs as well. We
could put them on the wiki after we remove the shindig references and
in addition, point to the shindig implementation and docs as an

It goes off into specifics of the shindig server but basically it
outlines the RouteManager and AbstractEntityCollectionAdapter. These
two components, for dispatching and adapters, make up the majority of
the walkthrough. I'd always intended to add this to abdera and I just
wanted to give a heads up to the abdera crew in case they wanted to
check them out or peek at the shindig sever. There's a new open social
api spec and the server has a long way to go to satisfy it (I'd call
it 15% complete at this point but it's a start)


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