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From Glen Daniels <g...@wso2.com>
Subject Re: Passing an Object from the servlet through to the provider?
Date Wed, 14 May 2008 14:14:37 GMT
Hi James!

James M Snell wrote:
> RequestContext.setAttribute(Scope scope, String name, Object value) ... 
> where Scope == Scope.REQUEST or Scope.SESSION
> Does that work for what you need?

Nope, because that implies you have access to the RequestContext, which 
I don't.  Even if I subclass AbderaServlet, there's no hook in service() 
that lets me get at the ServletRequestContext in between creation and 
passing it to the Provider/TargetResolver.

To be clear, here's my situation:

class Servlet1 {
   init() {
     Object thing = createObject(); // Here's my thing
     servletContext.setAttribute("thing", thing);  // Store it somewhere

class MyServlet extends AbderaServlet {
   service(request, response) {
     // I can't get at the ServletContext from within Abdera, so...
     Object thing = servletContext.getAttribute("thing");
     // ...put it somewhere I *can* get to
     request.setAttribute("thing", thing);
     super.service(request, response);

If AbderaServlet made the ServletContext available in the same way it 
makes the HttpServletRequest available, I wouldn't need the subclassed 
servlet or the per-request overhead.


> Glen Daniels wrote:
>> Hey Abderites:
>> So here's my situation.  I've got an Abdera server (i.e. AbderaServlet 
>> in Tomcat) running that needs to share some information with another 
>> servlet.  In particular, the non-AbderaServlet (let's call it 
>> Servlet1) needs to create an Object and then in an ideal world pass 
>> that through to the AbderaServlet in such a way that the Provider 
>> instance that gets created has access to it.  Make sense?
>> The best solution for me would be to put something into the 
>> ServletContext, and then somehow get access to that later - but I 
>> can't seem to do that currently.
>> Since the initialization step doesn't really need to be done until the 
>> first actual request, and I've already got a solid connection between 
>> my Provider and my TargetResolver, I figured one way would be 
>> something like (pseudocode):
>> TargetResolver.resolve(Request request) {
>>   ServletRequestContext context = (ServletRequestContext)request;
>>   if (thing == null) {
>>     thing = context.getServletContext().getAttribute("thing");
>>   }
>> }
>> A patch that would just carry the ServletContext in addition to the 
>> HttpServletRequest in each ServletRequestContext would be very easy to 
>> do in Abdera, and would get me what I need.  Am happy to contribute same.
>> Is there a better way to do this?  I noticed the ManagedProvider stuff 
>> but it looks like you can only pass Strings in there, and only in very 
>> specific ways.  Perhaps some kind of more general initialization 
>> context that I'm missing?  The above patch would solve my problem 
>> later but not in v0.4.0.
>> The solution I've come up with for now is to subclass the 
>> AbderaServlet, and add the ServletContext to every HttpRequest as an 
>> attribute - that lets me do basically the same trick, but it seems... 
>> less than optimal.
>> Thoughts/comments?
>> Thanks,
>> --Glen

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