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From UCHIDA Hitoshi <uchida.hito...@canon.co.jp>
Subject Re: API changed
Date Mon, 28 Apr 2008 11:38:30 GMT
> I don't think this was a mistake. This change allows to chain method calls.
> IE:
>      Link link = abdera.getFactory().newLink()
>         .setAttributeValue("rel", "alternate").setAttributeValue("href",
> "http...");

OK, I got it.

The reason I thought it might be a mistake was that
org.w3c.dom.Element#setAttribute(String uri, String qname, String value)
and so on return nothing.
In the latest API of Abdera, the type of new created attribute by
setAttribute() seem to be Element type because Abdera has such setter methods
; that is, Source#setTitle(String value) returns new created Text
Those API behaviour seems not to have consistency a little to me.

But I also understood the convenience as you advised.
Thank you very much.

Best regards,
Hitoshi Uchida

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