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From James M Snell <jasn...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: 0.4.0 Release TODOs
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2008 18:37:44 GMT

Dan Diephouse wrote:
> I thought I'd throw out a checklist for the release which I've been 
> storing in my head. Please add/volunteer as you feel compelled :-)
>    * (Volunteer?) Main web site: links on left (i.e. references, user's
>      guide, building abdera) should point to wiki. Volunteer?
>    * (Volunteers...) Documentation cleanup/improvements

I will be doing some work with this tomorrow.

>    * (Me) NOTICE files: I nearly have these generating properly. Maven
>      has a nice plugin which takes the information from our
>      dependency's POM files and generates NOTICE files for us. I just
>      need to provide a notice-supplements.xml file to get this all
>      working right as some POM files don't have the organization name,
>      so the NOTICE file ends up looking weird.
>    * (Volunteer?) We need to gather licenses of all the things we're
>      redistributing and store them in a central location - ideally
>      distribution/src/main/licenses or something like that.

If you look at /dependencies/legal, you should find the necessary 
license and notice files.

>    * (Me) Source distribution
> Items to dicuss:
>    * Dependencies in distributions - I included the core/client/server
>      dependencies. Any others we want to include? Security?

Fortunately, the various extensions do not have a lot of dependencies. 
I think we should distribute the dependencies for those.

Security dependencies are problematic because of things like the Bouncy 
Castle IDEA patent issue.  We cannot ship the bouncy castle jar.  So for 
security, we need to document the dependencies and tell folks where they 
can get the stuff they need.

For adapters, the dependencies are quite varied.  For these, we should 
not deploy the dependencies but we need to make sure we document them 
very well.

>    * Docs in the distribution - I'm assuming we're planning on
>      exporting the wiki? Should we distribute the static docs in that case?


>    * 1.4.2 distribution - are people using this? Are we going to do a
>      retroweaver release again?
I've been thinking about this also.  I do know several places where the 
1.4.2 jars are being used but having the retroweaver stuff in there 
complicates things quite a bit.  As an alternative, we could provide a 
simple ant script as part of the distribution that would run the 
retroweaver conversion separately.  This would allow us to only have to 
worry about and ship the java5 jars.  This would greatly simplify the 

- James


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