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From M Harris <mdange...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Problems with Client/Server Example
Date Fri, 14 Mar 2008 06:17:56 GMT
I haven't been looking at it for the past week, but under examples it's one called server and
one called client.  I changed any code of course to point to my server.  So, I put the server
code to run in my tomcat and ran the client code to connect to that server to do the get,
post, etc.

At first I kept getting ClassCastException (something about FOMExtensible Object).  After
investigating I realized the links were not being resolved correctly.  For some reason I kept
getting /feed/feed (twice) in the url instead of just one /feed.  I never touched this portion
of the code.  I played with it a little and got it to work after the POST, but then the PUT
did not work.  The server was adding a link to the entry to indicate a new ID of that entry,
but not deleting the existing one.  When reading the entry to find the edit link , it would
still find the original one.  I again had the same problems with /feed/feed (two times) in
the URL.  I tried fixing this but then couldn't figure it out and gave up.

I thought to try the latest from the source repository, too - went through the trouble of
building the source, following the example how to set up the Abdera server.  Then, again ClassCastException
(something about FOMExtensible Object) - this time I didn't see any indications of wrong URLs
and tried to dig through the code to figure it out, however ,  I'm not quite as advanced in
Java as you I got lost the more I dug.  

Dan Diephouse <dan.diephouse@mulesource.com> wrote: M Harris wrote:
> I am seeing a lot of errors in the examples and possibly the Abdera code itself.  It
seems that the links for edit entry are not being returned correctly (links with two feed
in the path instead of one, adding an edit link during update but not removing the previous
> Is there a working example somewhere?  
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I haven't seen any such issues. Can you please be more specific? Which 


Dan Diephouse
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