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From Jim Ancona <...@anconafamily.com>
Subject Refactored method names
Date Tue, 29 Jan 2008 19:22:16 GMT
I'm porting my application to the refactored trunk today, and things are 
going pretty well. James, thanks for the new doc!

One minor nit: Many of the collections (Workspaces, Filters) don't have 
standard getters and setters. That makes them hard to configure in 
Spring without using custom parsers or property editors. I discovered 
this when I decided to try to implement the new Filter interface and 
discovered that Dan's DefaultProviderDefinitionParser doesn't support 
adding Filters. I also found that I couldn't use Spring's regular XML 
configuration because there is no setFilters method on AbstractProvider. 
For that matter, I can't even configure a DefaultProvider without using 
Dan's parser because I can't add my workspaces either. I may have to 
resort to writing configuration code! :-)

One other minor issue with the Spring parser stuff: The <a:workspace/> 
element works with a nested bean element, but if I use a <ref bean=""/> 
it blows up. I prefer to do it that way so I can use the same bean 
definition in my test code.

I can log Jira issues on these if you prefer.



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