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From Davanum Srinivas <dava...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: JcrCollectionProvider
Date Sat, 26 Jan 2008 01:43:20 GMT
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Oh man what has the world come down to!!! Dan talking about Axiom. Terribly sorry for inflicting
Axiom on you Dan :)

- -- dims

Dan Diephouse wrote:
| Stefan Guggisberg wrote:
|> hi everybody,
|> please allow me to quickly introduce myself. i am a committer in the
|> apache jackrabbit project
|> and also an active member of the jsr-170 and jsr-283 expert groups.
|> not too surprisingly
|> i think that APP and JCR are a natural fit ;-)
|> i noticed that there's already JCR support in abdera (i.e.
|> JcrCollectionProvider). i'd be
|> therefore very interested to learn more about your experiences with
|> JCR/jackrabbit.
|> what are the biggest problems you're facing when using jackrabbit?  if
|> there's anything
|> i can help in making it easier for you to integrate jackrabbit as a
|> persistence layer i'd be
|> happy to support your efforts :)
|> cheers
|> stefan
| I think the main thing that it could use is just a review from someone
| who actually understands JCR :-) If you were interested in just checking
| out my JCR code I'd appreciate it.
| The other thing we really need to figure out his how to store extension
| elements inside Abdera. i.e. take an Axiom Element and convert it into a
| Node. I suppose we could write a xml storage converter like the one
| built into JCR. Any recommendations?
| - Dan
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