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From Dan Diephouse <dan.diepho...@mulesource.com>
Subject Re: Feedback round 2 [was Re: Server Refactoring - Overview]
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2008 19:10:26 GMT
James M Snell wrote:
> Heh, don't feel bad, it's definitely nothing personal :-). you should 
> see the number of compile errors I had in my code today when I 
> switched it over to the new stuff.  I'll be working the rest of the 
> week to get it all sorted out.  This is why all of the work was done 
> in a branch. All of the AbstractEntityCollectionProvider stuff is 
> still there in the trunk.  I would have ported it over myself during 
> the refactoring but I'm nowhere near as familiar with that code as you 
> are and would only have been guessing as to how best to port it.  So, 
> I apologize for causing you some headaches, but hopefully, in the long 
> run, the changes will be for the better.  I, for one, am certainly 
> quite happy with the refactoring and I appreciate the feedback you've 
> been providing.
Yeah, I've been there myself. I guess I just meant that instead of 
deleting/redoing things whole sale it would've been better to just 
rename CollectionProvider to CollectionAdapter for instance or removing 
some of the redundant arguments on CP using Eclipse's refactoring tools 
so all the tests still compiled/stayed in tact. Then I could go over 
them later, but not have to worry too much about the details like adding 
back in the necessary semantics to Transactional and what not. No hard 
feelings, but it just would've made our lives a bit easier I think.
- Dan

Dan Diephouse
http://mulesource.com | http://netzooid.com/blog

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